Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fill your crack pipe, Ma'am?

This guy may have squeaked under the wire for Idiot of the Year: "Hastings man arrested for selling drugs from gas station". He's been arrested for dealing meth from the local Shell Gas Station.

Apparently, everyone knew the law was sitting on the station, yet the dealing continued. He even sold drug paraphernelia in the open, as part of the store inventory, which is like flypaper for the cops. This seems to be prima facia evidence of a drug-addled brain.

For months, law enforcement officers in Hastings knew customers were buying drug paraphernalia from a local gas station. They couldn't do anything about it until, they say, the station manager sold meth to an undercover agent. "One of our undercover agents has purchased methamphetamines on four occasions from the shell gas station from Mr. Haugen," said Sgt. John Grant of the Dakota Co. Drug Task Force. Mr. Haugen is Michael Haugen, a store manager and former corrections
Now this former corrections officer will join his former charges behind bars, where he belongs. But he also may gain notoriety as Idiot of the Year.