Monday, December 26, 2005

Crime you don't read about

Yet more thanks to a fellow blogger, this time for a tip from OctaneBoy of Ravenscroft Dog Farm.

I tend to repeat this a bit, mostly for newer readers, but this blog will focus not necessarily on the big headline-grabbing crimes (because those are high profile and well-covered already), but on the no-less-serious, but under-reported crimes that affect "normal" people in the course of their normal lives. In other words, other than the gangster on gangster.

OctaneBoy received a leaflet recently, which documented a violent gun-crime which occurred in a neighborhood previously thought to be safe. Here is the content of the leaflet:

"I am asking if you could keep your eyes open for a brown antique looking leather purse that was stolen from me last night around 2am. I was parked in the lot behind Gobys [at Snelling and Randolph in St. Paul, MN] and was held up at gun point, and was forced to give the man my purse. The purse contained two single sets of keys, which are of a high value. If you see the purse, perhaps in you alley or even trash area, please contact me. Also, if you could spread the word to other neighbors in the area, I would really appreciate the help.

612-XXX-XXXX [ed. - the number is scratched because worldwide distribution may be beyond the scope the victim intended. If you have information, you can notify the St. Paul Police]

There are a couple of considerations here which remain unknown. Is the armed robbery a trend, or an isolated incident? Is it considered high[er] risk behavior to park behind a bar at 2:00 am? Should that be considered high risk?

The area of Snelling and Randolph isn't bad, but St. Paul is funny in that there are pockets of high-crime areas alongside some very expensive real estate. In other words, the criminals don't have to travel far.

In any event, you won't read this in the Pioneer Press or the Red Star, even though your safety may be at risk.