Saturday, December 24, 2005

Twice victimized?

Acting with the urgency of the U.N. Security Council in the face of nuclear threats, the Minneapolis School District is "awaiting police reports" before deciding how to act in response to an in-school molestation of a little girl. Here's Rambix' original report: "Sickness in the Minneapolis Public Schools". And here's the Red Star report by Steve Brandt: "Police examining girl's claim of molestation".

Meanwhile, the mother is forced to keep her 2nd grader victim home from school to keep her out of harms way (still thinking of sending your kid to Minneapolis Public Schools?).

Vanessa Freeman said she has kept her daughter home for more than two weeks to shield her from the classmates the girl says molested her. Freeman said that, first, one boy, and then, in a separate incident, two boys, held her daughter down and fondled her. She said that all three boys are in her daughter's class. She said her daughter told a doctor of the abuse on Dec. 6, some time after it occurred.

Freeman reported the incidents to police but said that she was told that because the boys are younger than 10, the matter would be referred to child protection officials if the allegations are substantiated.
Does a referral to "child protection officials" sound like something that's going to be acted upon quickly? The mother/daughter need help now, and the animals that allegedly did this need to be quarantined until the public can be assured of safety.

Freeman said she asked Monday at a meeting with Hintz and other officials that the boys be shifted to another class, that her daughter be escorted when she leaves class and that the school designate a contact for her daughter. She said a district lawyer quashed a tentative deal.
How will this help other potential victims?

Earlier this week, she [the mother] posted her complaint [that the district wasn't responding] that the district was not responding on an electronic discussion list.
Interesting. She's always welcome to contact Rambix!