Sunday, January 01, 2006

France: "Rowdy revelers" burn 425 vehicles

AP reports, via CNN, that "rowdy revelers" burned 425 vehicles over New Year's Eve in "troubled" neighborhoods.

Police Chief Michel Gaudin also said there were no major clashes this year between youths and police overnight. Police were particularly vigilant this time
because of the three weeks of rioting and arson that took place in October.

A state of emergency imposed during the rioting is still in effect, and 25,000 police were on alert for the holiday. Police took 362 people into custody, up from 272 last year. Among police, 27 officers were injured on the job, Gaudin said. The nature of their injuries wasn't disclosed.
What's astonishing about the ongoing "unrest" in France is the mundane aspect of the reporting, as if this is just par for the course. So this New Year's total taken into custody rose from 272 to 362? Shouldn't the 262 last year alone have been big news? Can anyone think of a comparable situation in the US?

The French non-assimilated masses are seething, and this isn't the last we'll hear from them.