Saturday, September 30, 2006

Minneapolis: Gun to The Head - Raped

The Minneapolis Quagmire continues with this report of the gunpoint rape of a woman on the Northside. There are two suspects, and, as usual, no descriptions. The Red Star reports: "Minneapolis woman raped at gunpoint".

Police are investigating the rape of a woman who reported she was forced into a car at gunpoint Thursday night in north Minneapolis and taken to a Mississippi River boat launch.

Lt. Greg Reinhardt said that it appears the 28-year-old Minneapolis woman, who was left by the boat launch on the edge of the Camden neighborhood, did not know the two suspects.
Stranger rape is serious business. If these rats aren't stopped now, then there is no reason why they won't do this again.

With rape being such an intimate crime, I'm mystified why there aren't good suspect descriptions. I suspect the police have more information they aren't releasing, but I've never understood how withholding suspect information can help an investigation.

Welcome to the Quagmire.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Minneapolis 2nd Precinct Lowlights

From the Minneapolis Police:

For Week ending 9/20

ROBPER @ 24th Av /Central. Victim was waiting at the bus stop, and was thrown to the ground and punched by seven black male suspects. Suspects fled on foot.

14xx 5th St NE ASLT2 - Uncooperative Victim at a party was shot in the hand and pistol whipped. Party-goers/Witnesses and Suspect(s) left before Squads arrived. Victim to HCMC with minor GSW.

For Week ending 9/27

06-274,823 At 0839 hours, a Robbery of Business, 10xx Washington Av SE. An employee was making a money run/deposit in her personal vehicle, when she was robbed by two suspects at gunpoint at University Av SE/25th Av SE. Two black male suspects fled in an older white conversion type of van, unk plate, last seen EB on University Av SE. Loss was a cash bag containing $3,500.

06-274093 9-22-06 1815 hrs. Squad responded to a medic call at 6xx Adams St NE grandma fell and cut her head open. Officers recognize the grandson who is wanted by Coon Rapids PD on a PC pickup for Felony damage to prop and Assault. Officer’s id 3 other party’s in the basement; officers see drug paraphernalia and suspected narcotics in plain view. 2nd PCT DP responded and a search warrant was obtained. Officers recovered a nice quantity of suspected crystal meth from a safe. Suspect had surveillance cameras outside and monitors in his basement bedroom which were disconnected. Nice job by Uniform Officers and DP.

This is a partial list.

Minneapolis SWAT Drug Raid

The Minneapolis SWAT Team puts the smack-down on some lowlife drug dealers. Multiple shots were fired by the residents of the house in the 3400 block of Stevens Avenue South despite the fact that several children were present.

If you were Amy Klobuchar, what would you do with these rats? If you're a Minneapolis resident, what do you think she will do?

This notice is from the Minneapolis Police SAFE Units:

Minneapolis SWAT team recovers weapon,
drugs during high-risk raid

Suspect fires shots while officers execute search warrant

September 29, 2006 (MINNEAPOLIS) Late last night, Minneapolis police officers executed a drug search warrant in the 3400 block of Stevens Avenue South. As SWAT officers breached the door, the officers heard multiple gunshots fired within the dwelling. Officers entered, secured the dwelling, and discovered three young children, who were unharmed.

Officers arrested four adults, and a handgun, which had been fired by one of the suspects, was recovered along with a quantity of suspected narcotics. Those arrested were:

Mario M. Andrews, 23, of Brooklyn Center, for Probable Cause Weapons Violation, Assault upon a Police Officer (ASLT4), and an outstanding warrant.

Norris D. Andrews, 21, of Minneapolis, for Probable Cause Narcotics Violation

Debbie Underwood, 21, of Minneapolis for Disorderly House

Seleina L. Underwood, 40, of Minneapolis for Disorderly House

Photographs of the arrested persons will be available after formal charging. The case will be submitted for review, and additional charges may be considered.

Background on SWAT team

High-risk entries are among the most dangerous situations police officers face. Each SWAT officer is required to complete countless hours of training and practice to minimize risk for all those involved in such dangerous situations. Each year, the MPD SWAT Unit executes more than 300 high-risk entries. Every such situation carries tremendous risk to the officers involved and other individuals at the scene, and yesterday’s raid is an example of how exceptional training and preparation can pay off.

Minneapolis: Stabbed To Death

(h/t KvM)

When a woman stabs a man, then kneels by his side until the cops get there, I'm thinking crime of passion. Whatever the case, Minneapolis murder #47 is on the books: "Minneapolis man stabbed to death".

Police say a north Minneapolis man was murdered early Friday morning near the intersection of 16th and Queen Ave.

Minneapolis police were dispatched to 1529 Queen Ave. N. after they were told a female had driven a car onto the lawn around 2:00 a.m. Friday.

When officers arrived they saw a man lying in the street and a woman kneeling next to him. The male, a 36-year old from Minneapolis, had been stabbed to death.

He was transported to North Memorial via ambulance, where he died a short time later.

Melissa J. Jones, 35, was arrested at the scene in connection with this homicide.
[Graphic courtesy KSTP News]

Taking Notice Of The Quagmire

University of Minnesota students take notice as the school falls into the Minneapolis Quagmire. A letter writer to the Minnesota Daily:

Sick of crime

My favorite part of every day is waking up and reading the Daily at breakfast before I go to class. Today, however, it was not a good idea to read the paper as I ate. I quickly learned that in the past week there have been two more attacks on students very near campus. The attacks have gone beyond beatings on the street to armed robberies and hate crimes. I was literally sickened that two men were gay-bashed a few blocks from campus.

The University has a reputation for being open and progressive, but attacks like these make minority students fear for their safety. It seems that every day, students open the Daily and read about yet more attacks on students on or near campus with no apparent effort at curbing the rise in violent crimes.

Every article is accompanied with "an investigator has been assigned to the case," but I have yet to hear of anyone being caught or any active effort being put forth by the police. I'm sick of it. Something needs to be done around here soon.

Adam Hennings
University undergraduate
Then make sure you don't read this account, Mr. Hennings: ALERT: Univ. of Minnesota Student Robbed By Armed Criminal Gang

or this:

More University Of Minnesota Assaults & Remedy

or this:

More On The University Of Minnesota Assault

or this:

Criminals Gangs Terrorize University Of Minnesota

or this:

More Reporting On University Of Minnesota Violence

or this:

Robberies Up 100% On University Of Minnesota Campus

& more, on Rambix and the Red Star.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

University Of Minnesota Crime Victims

Sometimes written descriptions of crime victims aren't sufficient. Thanks to Andrew Rothman for some visual impact (click photo to enlarge):

ALERT: Univ. of Minnesota Student Robbed By Armed Criminal Gang

"pretty well orchestrated, like they'd done it before,"...

The ink was barely dry on this posting when this story broke out in the Minnesota Daily: "Group robs U student at gunpoint".

A University student stared down the barrel of a gun early Tuesday.

James Bourque, a political science junior, left home on Sixth Street Southeast in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood about 1 a.m. when a group of men approached him, he said.

One of them asked Bourque whether he wanted to buy the drug Ecstasy, he said. Bourque said he turned to walk away and one of the men punched him in the face.

"I fell to one knee," he said, "And when I turned around, there was a gun in my face."

The group demanded money from Bourque and after he gave them the $60 in his wallet, they told him to run away, according to the police report.
No description of the scumbags?

God bless University Police Chief Hestness, but just yesterday, in response to Andrew Rothman's self-defense display at the University, he said that "there's been no change in a need to further defend yourself", in reference to guns (Video).

Do you think he's had a change of heart?

Bourque left the group and avoided any more harm than a bruise from the punch, he said.

Minneapolis Police Lt. Greg Reinhardt said an investigator was being assigned to the case. It is too early to determine whether the attack was related to other crimes in the area, he said.

Bourque said the attack was "pretty well orchestrated, like they'd done it before," and not just a random incident.
Does anyone sense there's a problem in Minneapolis?

The MSM is no help, of course. You won't see this story in the Red Star anytime soon. And (again) why no description of the scumbags?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Minneapolis: Gun To The Head

It doesn't matter if you're a newspaper carrier, a Qwest employee, a pizza delivery man, or just an average citizen - when you cross the border into Minneapolis you're fair game for hardened criminal thugs.

Not even a mother and her baby are safe, as WCCO News reports (hat tip Rebecca): "North Mpls. Mother Saves Daughter From Carjacker".

(WCCO) Minneapolis A Minnesota mom is grateful her baby is safe after a carjacker pointed a gun at her head and demanded her car.
It just doesn't get much colder than this. What breed of criminal commits armed robbery, and points his gun at the head of a mother when she's with her baby?

Joy, who asked her last name not be used, said when the carjacker confronted her in her North Minneapolis driveway she said, "Take anything you want, I just need my daughter."

Joy said she had just arrived home when the confrontation happened.

"When I went to open my car door, there was a man there with a gun right in my face saying he wanted to take my car," said Joy, who is not sure how she persuaded the carjacker to let her retrieve her 1-year-old daughter Cameron.

"I don't even remember worrying about the gun at that point, it was just, I just needed to get around this person to get my baby out of car and just get her away from this," she said

Joy got her baby and the gunmen got her car. It was the fourth carjacking in the area in less than a week.
What I find disturbing is that this is the 4th carjacking in the area in less than a week. Where was the news after the first carjacking? Why wait for four?

Fortunately, the sewer rats were caught. And take note of the 2nd paragraph below, Mr. Rybak:
At 11 a.m. Tuesday, police spotted Joy's car with three young men inside. They were arrested and are now considered possible suspects in the other recent carjackings.

Arrests help, but neighborhood leaders like Minneapolis City Council member Barb Johnson worry young couples like Joy and her husband Jim will leave the area.

"It's a place that people can afford to live, we have lovely housing stock and we feel powerless, at times, to prevent this kind of activity," said Johnson.

Common Sense Comes to the "U" [Update]

Rambix reader and commenter and gun trainer, Andrew Rothman, is featured in this KARE 11 News story for his campus safety event today: "U of M Ban on weapons being challenged by petition".

Students on the ground level of the Coffman Union Center on the campus of the University of Minnesota were invited Wednesday to sign a petition to end the ban on weapons policy at the university.

Andrew Rothman stood guard at the table where students could sign their names to support the effort to allow weapons on campus.

"We would like the administration to hear what we're saying, but even if we got 40,000 signatures, the administration could still say no," said Rothman.

But not all students agree with Rothman. Freshman student, Danielle Schuler, said, "it will provoke more violence if you have something on you and you get upset with someone, you'll have it available to use it."

Speaking on behalf of the administration, University Police Chief Gregory Hestness said, "On campus per se which is what the regents policy regulates, there's been no change in a need to further defend yourself."

Crime, including aggravated assaults, robberies and burglaries are on the increase on campus. In 2005, there were 28 burglaries. At the end of September 2006 there have already been 35 burglaries.

Chief Hestness agrees there should be more anti-crime awareness efforts, and said part of the solution will include hiring more officers to police the campus area.
Nice job, Andrew, and congratulations on getting some media exposure.

You can contact Andrew regarding gun training here.

[photo courtesy KARE 11 News]

UPDATE: Thanks to Andrew Rothman, here's a copy of the petition:


We, the undersigned students, staff, faculty and alumni of the University of Minnesota urge President Bruininks and the Board of Regents to abolish University policies that endanger all members of the University community.

Violence is exploding on and around the University. Gangs of thugs are attacking and viciously beating our fellow University community members. There are over 1,000 University students for every University police officer. The promise to add two officers per year is clearly insufficient.

In spite of these facts, and in spite of the clear evidence, presented by the FBI, that the single best way to defend against violent crime is to resist with a firearm, the University specifically bans students, staff and faculty from carrying these effective tools on campus, even when they have secured the necessary training, background checks and permit required by law.

For the thousands of us who walk, bike or bus to campus, these policies also endanger us as we come and go from campus through some of the worst neighborhoods in the city.

Minnesota permit holders are overwhelmingly law abiding, are 21 years of age or older, have been thoroughly trained and investigated, and have been found by their county sheriffs to have clean criminal, drug and mental health histories.

Recent experience clearly shows that the ban on legal carry does not keep the criminals away from us, but it does keep us helpless against them.

We strongly urge the University to end these dangerous and immoral restrictions on self-defense.


The Thug Life In Hennepin County, MN

Life as a criminal in Hennepin County, MN isn't all that bad. I've previously posted Minneapolis Police Requests for Community Impact Statements, where the justice system is soliciting ideas as to what the general public would like done with a criminal who has been arrested 50, 96, or 110 times.

As if they have to ask.

There appears to be no shortage of examples of thugs and criminals who roam free on our streets with rap sheets as long as your arm. Or longer. This is what happens when consequences are not sure, swift, and tough.

Today brings another example of a 24 year old thug who is well on his way to becoming a career criminal, and has amassed an impressive array of convictions in the few years that he has been an adult. KSTP News reports: "Police find suspect hiding in North Memorial".

A background check in Hennepin County shows that Alondre Ramone Davis has been charged with 18 different crimes over the past few years, including six felonies for crimes such as theft, forgery, assault, and drugs.
Here's his latest episode:

According to criminal charges filed in Hennepin County, Alondre Ramone Davis, 24, was spotted by police on Northway Drive in Brooklyn Center handing small packages back and forth out of a car. A police officer in a vehicle attempted to stop the car, but the man jumped in the car and fled police...The officer chased the vehicle onto Highway 100 where the vehicle being chased reached speeds of 80 miles per hour...the driver allegedly threw a small bag containing what appeared to be bag of white substance out the window...

Officers eventually found Davis hiding behind a curtain in a hospital room with three cell phones and $780 in cash.
Here's a question: How can one commit all these crimes if one is in jail? The answer, of course, is you can't. You can only commit them when you're out of jail.

And here's the obvious follow-up question: Why has young Mr. Davis had so much time out of jail to allow him to accumulate such a record at such a young age (we don't even know what his juvenile record is; it's likely his thug career didn't start when he turned 18.)?

Are the inmates running the asylum in Hennepin County? What happened to the concept of consequences sufficient to deter future criminal behavior, or, at the very least, keeping repeat criminals off the streets so they can't continue their lawlessness?

Here's the known record from Hennepin County (these are just the convictions):

Davis, Alondre Ramone -- Black Male, Born: 12/04/1981

All Reported Dates of Birth12/04/1981
All Known Aliases/Alternate SpellingsDavis, Alonde Ramone
Simth, Lawrence Milton
Smith, Lawrence Milton
Davis, Alan Ray
Davis, Alondre Romone
Smith, Alan
Davis, Alondre Ramone

Convictions and SentencingConviction Number: 001
Case Number: 00007544
Court File Number: KX00046384
Disposition Date: 12/21/2000
Controlling Agency: Brooklyn Park Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency:
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Drugs-3rd Degree
Statute Number: 152.023
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $0
Stayed Fine: $0
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence:
Probation Sentence:
Conditional Confinement: 12 Days
Conviction Level:

Conviction Number: 002
Case Number: 00012727
Court File Number: KX00067985
Disposition Date: 12/21/2000
Controlling Agency: Brooklyn Center Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency:
Count Number: 001
General Offense: Aid/Abet
Statute Description: Theft
Statute Number: 609.52.2
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $0
Stayed Fine: $0
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence: 13 Days
Probation Sentence:
Conditional Confinement:
Conviction Level: Misdemeanor

Conviction Number: 003
Case Number: 00053360
Court File Number: 00117900
Disposition Date: 01/22/2001
Controlling Agency: Brooklyn Park Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency:
Assigned Probation Agency:
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Give Peace Officer False Name
Statute Number: 609.506
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $200
Stayed Fine: $0
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $25
Pronounced Sentence: 30 Days
Probation Sentence: 1 Years
Conditional Confinement:
Conviction Level: Misdemeanor

Conviction Number: 004
Case Number: 00007544
Court File Number: KX00046384
Disposition Date: 06/03/2002
Controlling Agency: Brooklyn Park Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency: Hennepin County Probation Off
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Drugs-3rd Degree
Statute Number: 152.023
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $6000
Stayed Fine: $6000
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence: 21 Months
Probation Sentence: 3 Years
Conditional Confinement: 12 Days
Conviction Level: Felony

Conviction Number: 005
Case Number: 02009247
Court File Number: KX02043695
Disposition Date: 09/30/2002
Controlling Agency: Brooklyn Center Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency: Hennepin County Probation Off
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Theft
Statute Number: 609.52
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $500
Stayed Fine: $450
Court Cost Amount: $3
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $35
Pronounced Sentence: 90 Days
Probation Sentence: 1 Years
Conditional Confinement: 60 Days
Conviction Level: Misdemeanor

Conviction Number: 006
Case Number: 00007544
Court File Number: KX00046384
Disposition Date: 03/05/2003
Controlling Agency: Brooklyn Park Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency: Hennepin County Probation Off
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Drugs-3rd Degree
Statute Number: 152.023
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $6000
Stayed Fine: $6000
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence: 21 Months
Probation Sentence: 3 Years
Conditional Confinement: 3 Days
Conviction Level: Felony

Conviction Number: 007
Case Number: 00007544
Court File Number: KX00046384
Disposition Date: 09/24/2003
Controlling Agency: Brooklyn Park Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency: Hennepin County Probation Off
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Drugs-3rd Degree
Statute Number: 152.023
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $6000
Stayed Fine: $6000
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence: 21 Months
Probation Sentence: 3 Years
Conditional Confinement: 158 Days
Conviction Level: Felony

Conviction Number: 008
Case Number: 03051813
Court File Number: 03073912
Disposition Date: 10/29/2003
Controlling Agency: Brooklyn Park Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency:
Assigned Probation Agency:
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Domestic Assault-Misdemeanor
Statute Number: 609.2242.1
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $0
Stayed Fine: $0
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence: 90 Days
Probation Sentence: 2 Years
Conditional Confinement:
Conviction Level: Misdemeanor

Conviction Number: 009
Case Number: 04041845
Court File Number: KX04051519
Disposition Date: 12/02/2004
Controlling Agency: Brooklyn Park Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency: Hennepin County Probation Off
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Drugs-5th Degree
Statute Number: 152.025
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $6000
Stayed Fine: $6000
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence: 13 Months
Probation Sentence: 3 Years
Conditional Confinement: 180 Days
Conviction Level: Felony

Conviction Number: 010
Case Number: 04018890
Court File Number: KX04061642
Disposition Date: 12/02/2004
Controlling Agency: Brooklyn Center Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency: Hennepin County Probation Off
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Possess or Sell Stolen or Counterfeit Check
Statute Number: 609.528.2
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $6000
Stayed Fine: $6000
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence: 15 Months
Probation Sentence: 3 Years
Conditional Confinement: 180 Days
Conviction Level: Felony

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hamline University Crime Alert

Hamline and Macalester Colleges, both located in St. Paul suffered a withering series of armed robberies earlier this spring. A recent crime alert reminds us the danger has not passed [Delay in posting due to apparent technical problems with the University's Safety & Security site]:



CAMPUS SAFETY ALERT – September 16, 2006

Critical / Major Incident

I would like to inform you about a robbery that occurred off campus September 15, 2006 at approximately 11:55 PM. Two off-campus CLA students were walking south on Holton toward Minnehaha Avenue when they were approached from behind by one suspect. The suspect pointed a hand gun at the victims and demanded the victims’ property. The students were not physically injured.

The suspect description is as follows: African American male, 5’7” wearing dark jeans and a gray hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up.

I have contacted the Saint Paul police and asked them to increase their patrols in our near campus area during the night and early morning hours. These patrols are now in effect. Please call Safety and Security immediately if you see suspicious activity on or near campus. 24 hour dispatch 651-523-2100. From a campus phone dial 2100.

Stay Safe At The University Of Minnesota


From frequent Rambix contributor and expert on armed self-defense, Andrew Rothman:

Special Event
Wednesday, September 27
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Coffman Memorial Union
University of Minnesota

With the recent increase of violent crimes at and near the University of Minnesota, many members of that community are wondering what they can do to stay safe. "Scream for help," the University Police Department's advice, is clearly not sufficient.

To help educate students, staff and faculty, the University of Minnesota College Republicans will be teaming up at Coffman Memorial Union with MADFI director and certified firearm safety instructor Andrew Rothman and other advocates to present the facts on campus safety.

At the event, to be held Wednesday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. inside the entrance to the student union, University community members will have the opportunity to learn about the Minnesota permit to carry law, as well the University policies that endanger students, staff and faculty by forbidding them from carrying the most effective personal safety tools.

Visitors will have the opportunity to sign a petition calling on President Bruininks and the Board of Regents to abolish these dangerous unconstitutional rules to the University regents who control the policies, and to register for personal protection classes to be held near campus.

Help For A Friend

I'll take a brief departure from Minneapolis rapes, robbery, murder, and general mayhem to help a friend of valued Rambix contributor/commenter Margaret Martin put out the alert for some stolen property: "Two little victims of crime in North Minneapolis".

Thanks for your consideration.

Monday, September 25, 2006

And Don't Come Back

Illegal alien Francisco Serrano, a cause celebre of the socialist left, is finally getting the boot out of this great country.

And good riddance.

I've previously written about Mr. Serrano here and in other posts, following his sordid tale from being the ever-so-adorable young lad discovered living in Apple Valley (MN) High School, to his being taken in and supported by local real estate developer Basim Sabri (subsequently sent to prison on corruption charges), to his butcher-knife armed home invasion in Boston.

Well, now the Red Star reports he's finally on track to getting what he should have gotten long ago: thrown out of the country (and don't come back): "Apple Valley school squatter admits guilt in Boston break-in".

The twisting tale of Francisco Serrano -- the Apple Valley High School squatter turned Boston home invader -- appears to again be nearing its American end.
Serrano pleaded guilty in Boston Municipal Court Monday to breaking into a Boston apartment March 29, setting the stage for his release shortly to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials -- and potential deportation.

Judge Raymond Dougan, Jr., sentenced the 22-year-old Serrano to a one-year jail term, but required him to serve only six months, or the time he already had spent awaiting trial, thus likely speeding Serrano's release to federal custody.
He's not been one to follow rules:

After being ordered out of the United States, Serrano was supposed to have gotten on a plane in the Twin Cities to Mexico earlier this year, but it was learned later that he never boarded the flight. Then came news that he had broken into the Boston apartment and threatened its occupants with knives.
America doesn't ask a lot of immigrants. If you come here legally, humbly, and ready to work, then treasure surely awaits you. (Heck, if you come to Minnesota you won't even have to work). But if you come here scornful and dismissive of our laws, then you will face consequences, as Mr. Serrano has discovered the hard way.

If the authorities have any sense, they'll give him a one-way ticket to Guadalajara where he can spend many years reflecting on his myriad and squandered opportunities in America.

A Victim's Pain

Every once in a while I get an email which reminds me that each crime has many victims. This message, sent earlier today, follows this posting. One of the suspects remains on the loose.

I am really glad that Shedrick Turner's murder is still in the media and is not forgotten. My name is Nia C[abbreviated for privacy] and I know this young man as "Cub". I've been dating him since 1999. When he moved to Minneapolis and I agreed to eventually follow, I never thought on February 10, 2006 at around 1:30 p.m., that my heart would be shattered in a milllon pieces. He has been gone now seven months, 15 days. I still hurts exactly the same. I'm just glad his death did not slip through the cracks on them cold streets he died on because he was truly loved and will always be truly missed. R.I.P. Cub!!
Nia, I hope for your sake that all of the criminals involved in this murder are brought to justice, and soon.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Gangs: Not Just For Big Cities Anymore

One of the themes frequently explored on Rambix and the Red Star is the proliferation of gangs in the Twin Cities suburbs and outlying areas. St. Paul Pioneer Press columnist Ruben Rosario, whose heart often bleeds for misunderstood criminals, writes about the gang presence in Northfield, MN, location of local liberal-magnet and former home of the late Paul Wellstone, Carleton College (h/t Rambix reader Indy R): "Northfield: cows, colleges — and gangs".

Gangs in Northfield? Gangs and the lure of gangs are everywhere — metro, suburban and rural areas. Some even have their own Web sites...

The city of 18,000-plus is attractive for several reasons. Like St. Paul in the 1920s, Northfield serves as an accessible haven of sorts for gang members fleeing from cops in the Twin Cities area. Smith notes they have also identified gang members from Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee and Detroit.

"It has largely been a homogenous population, but in recent years it has become diverse enough for people to come here and sort of blend in and hide,'' Smith of his community.

The most active ethnic gangs in Rice County are the Norteños and Sureños, rivals and offshoots of mostly Chicano and Mexican prison gangs established decades ago in California and the Southwest.
This immediately begs the question: how many are illegals? At least some, according to Rosario:

If the townsfolk and their elected leaders were asleep at the switch or ignorant of this issue, they got an undeniable wakeup call two years ago. A nationwide sweep targeting members of the notorious MS-13 gang bagged 24 here in Minnesota. Eleven of them, Smith pointed out at the meeting, came from the Northfield area. Those who were undocumented residents were ultimately deported.
This would be an obvious arguement for proactively deporting illegal aliens, but most Republican leaders are too cowardly to go there. Yes, I know, many illegals are good, hardworking people, but I place a higher value on the rule of law and protecting U.S. citizens from the likes of MS-13 and the Surenos.

The Norteños, or Northerners, are based mostly in Faribault, a slightly larger city in Rice County that has had a more entrenched gang threat in recent years, according to Angela Brewer, a veteran Rice County probation officer. The Sureños are increasingly making Northfield a home base.

The rivalry has led to several assaults and other violent confrontations in recent months, most of them involving juvenile members. Brewer noted that gang "tagging" — painting gang signs or symbols on commercial and residential properties — is on the increase in both cities.
And what do all the Northfield liberals think about this?

Those in attendance at the gang seminar were mostly members of the city's mentoring council, which recruits adults and students from nearby St. Olaf College to serve as mentors for "at-risk'' youths.

"We don't call them that,'' said Linda Otto, who directs a mentoring program in the city. "We call them 'at the brink of success.' ''

Such liberal-speak will get you nowhere. The answer, of course, is crushing them mercilessly and tolerating zero gang activity.

Friday, September 22, 2006

More University Of Minnesota Assaults & Remedy

The Minnesota Daily reports yet more violence near campus: "More campus-area assaults, robberies reported to police".

A would-be Good Samaritan ended up in the emergency room with a concussion early Sunday.

Art sophomore Evan Prokop said he and his friends were walking through Dinkytown about 2:30 a.m., heading back to his apartment, when they encountered a woman being harassed by four men.

"She was yelling at them to get away," Prokop said. "We went over there to see if everything was OK."

When Prokop and his friends approached the group, an unknown man started punching one of Prokop's friends.

"I got in between to break it up and got knocked out," Prokop said...

One of the attackers then started punching and kicking Prokop, McLoone said. When the group realized he was unconscious, they ran away, she said.

Prokop began to seize and his friends called 911, McLoone said. Paramedics outfitted Prokop with a neck brace and transported him to Hennepin County Medical Center, she said.

Prokop said he suffered a concussion and does not remember much of what happened during the altercation.

"It was quite scary," McLoone said.
But never fear - in case you get in trouble the University Police have the remedy (h/t A. Karl K.): "Stay safe - scream 'help'".

Quagmire Update: Violence For Thrill And Entertainment

"I find it to be evidence of a disturbing trend among those I fear are students: using violence for thrill and entertainment."

What sickness has descended upon Minneapolis, and by extension the University of Minnesota? It used to be you could walk around most of the city without fear of being beaten, robbed, raped, or killed.

Now you can't even walk on the campus of our state's largest university without fear of attack.

H/T to Rambix reader A. Karl K. for alerting me to this article from the Minnesota Daily. This particular story had a happy ending, but it could have gone south in a hurry. If nothing else, it should be a wake-up call.

At 3 a.m. Saturday, two men attempted to attack and rob a friend and me near the corner of 14th Avenue Southeast and Talmage as we walked the block from his home to mine. I have decided to submit what follows to the Daily, because I believe it will benefit people to understand the nature of these attacks, as well as because I find it to be evidence of a disturbing trend among those I fear are students: using violence for thrill and entertainment.
The article is worth reading. This could be your friend or daughter.

The author and her friend escaped physically unscathed, but her sense of security is compromised.

Welcome to the Quagmire.

Reader Analysis Of How Criminals Can Get Off Easy

I don't know if Rambix reader and contributor bobby_b is in the business, but this is a pretty impressive analysis of how scumbags can evade justice (taken from comments):

Say a guy has five different sets of charges against him, arrested five times for five different sets of offences - and he faces time on all of them. Assault in Mpls, Assault 2 in Bloomington, CDP in Mound, Terroristic Threats in St. Paul etc . . . . Now, he's finally been picked up (probably on a traffic violation, since they only affirmatively go out to find "serious" scums.)

Say one suburb or city gets him in jail first, and prosecutes him. The rest just wait. (It's cheap to wait.)

Scum goes to trial, and loses (or pleads guilty to the least-serious charge in his pile, which is, by far the most common scenario - arrest a guy for rape, assault 2, and littering, and everyone lets him plead to littering) and then gets sentenced to 90 days.

City #2 then prosecutes him. Trial, and he loses on the terroristeic threats charge, and gets 90 days.

Since he was in custody all that time, the following rationale is applied:

Prosecutor #2 COULD HAVE insisted on getting him first. Since Scum is serving 90 days for his first set of charges, the second city COULD HAVE brought him in right then and charged him in the same proceeding - and so, if multiple sentences are imposed in multiple appearances, the time, by MN statute, MUST BE concurrent. (This means, is served at the same time - i.e., five "90 day" sentences, served concurrently, all run out after 90 days.)

So, all of the charges and convictions for which Scum is arrested and jailed and tried are served concurrently.

Meaning this: If you're a lifetime scum, you might as well commit lots and lots of crimes in a short period of time, because if you pull one rape, or nine, the "time served" crap in this state means you'll never get punished for more than one.

(Caveat: the rape example is extreme, for one reason - some crimes garner more "points" for a second, or third, offence. Therefore, sometimes a second trial is for "rape with one prior rape", and so is more serious, and thus gets a longer sentence.)

But, still, damn, we're just too fecking easy on these skells. "If you commit two crimes, then each day in prison counts for both"? What bulls---.
What a system we have, no? Maybe someone can answer how Amy Klobuchar's office fits into this scenario.

Thanks, bobby_b for shedding some light.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Insider's Take On Wendy's Shooter

Here's a very interesting email regarding the recently posted-about Wendy's shooter from a Rambix reader and Hennepin Corrections employee who will remain anonymous:

Sep 21, 2006

i don't know if you are aware or not, but antonio houle, the wendys shooter was covicted of driveby shooting in 2004 and was sentenced to one year in the workhouse, of which he only did about six months, because of time served. I work for hennepin corrections and it makes me sick when these types come to us. as i remember too, this guy was a total piece of s---. i usually only remember the asshole's names, the others come and go.
I guess calling the perp a scumbag isn't sufficient.

Thanks for the firsthand info - we know we won't see that in the Red Star.

McGruv's Crime Map

Intrepid Rambix reader Derek I. (McGruv) has been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to exposing the slimy underbelly of Minneapolis crime, while at the same time holding the "leaders" feet to the fire.

Now he's taken his activism to a new level, having created a nifty color-coded crime map based on CODEFOR data. Below the map is part of his comments to me:

I thought you and your readers might be interested in some simple violent crime analysis I've put together. The attached Excel file details the number and frequency of violent crime in the city by neighborhood. The source of the data is the MPD's CODEFOR data posted on the city website.

The frequency of violent crime is measured on a per capita basis, namely the number of crimes per 1000 residents. You'll see that the city has had about 50 violent crimes for every 1000 people who live here. That implies that as many as 5% of all people living in the city may have been a victim of a violent crime. Of course some people may have been victimized more than once or been from out of town but you get the idea.
Yeoman's work, McGruv. The city should be paying you.

I see a fairly clear pattern of higher crime in the central city, focus on the northern half, radiating outward. That shouldn't be a surprise, though. Northeast Park seems to be an anomoly. Anyone detect other distinctive patterns?

As Derek asks, where is the Safe Zone?

Police Are Forced to Shoot & Kill Suspect Minneapolis

You'll see the typical headlines today, such as "Police shoot man in S. Minneapolis", which of course makes it sound to headline readers as if an innocent man were walking down the sidewalk minding his own business when the police suddenly shot him for no reason. This is typical following an incident where the police are forced to shoot someone. I consider that an inflammatory headline.

KARE 11 News has a slightly better, but still misleading, headline: "One dead overnight, two Minneapolis officers on paid leave".

Minneapolis police responded to a domestic dispute just after 11:30 p.m. Wednesday night at the 3900 block of Bloomington Avenue in south Minneapolis.

According to Interim Police Chief Tim Dolan, once officers arrived on the scene, a man fled the scene, a scuffle ensured about a block away. The man was shot and pronounced dead at the scene.

Two Minneapolis officers involved in the incident are on paid administrative leave as is standard procedure pending an investigation.

Dolan expects to release additional details at news conference set for 1 p.m. Thursday.
You'll notice that on Rambix and the Red Star, I'll initially give the police the benfit of the doubt until facts prove otherwise. The MSM generally plays it the opposite, at least in their headlines.

I'll post more later as details emerge.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Metro Murder Roundup

The Minneapolis Police want your help locating an alleged triggerman in the 2/10/06 murder of Shedrick Turner, as KARE 11 News reports: "Minneapolis police seek public's help".

Broadway Avenue in north Minneapolis has been the scene of several murders this year. One of the first took place on February 10th on the sidewalk outside of 905.

Minneapolis police have arrested four people in connection with the shooting death of Shedrick Turner, but they believe the person who fired the shots is the man in the photos to the left.

Police say they were taken by a store surveillance camera several days before Turner was gunned down.

They are asking anyone who recognizes the man to call police at 612-692-8477.
Here's the alleged piece of garbage:

Meanwhile, consistent with evident spread of violence from Minneapolis/St. Paul to the suburbs (ok, many will argue Brooklyn Park is an extension of North Minneapolis) is a KSTP report of murder: "Brooklyn Park man shot, killed".

Brooklyn Park police say a man was shot inside an apartment building on the 6200 block of 65th avenue north.

Police were called to the Eden Park Apartments just after midnight. Paramedics attempted CPR, but the victim died at the scene.

Police have no one in custody at this time but are following leads.

Brooklyn Park police said marijuana was found near the victim's body.
This appears to be a drug deal gone bad, but murder is murder. It will be interesting to see from whence the killer came.

Raped In Minneapolis

This is an odd story that hasn't been entirely confirmed, but KARE 11 News reports that a Minneapolis woman has been raped by a man posing as a real estate agent: "Realtors issue warning after woman allegedly raped".

The Minnesota Association of Realtors sent an alert to its members Tuesday after receiving news that someone posing as a Realtor may have raped a woman in Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis Police Department says it does not have a police report on the incident.

But the Minnesota Association of Realtors says it learned about the incident from a reliable broker and felt the need to issue an alert to all of its members.

In turn, many other local Realtor groups passed along alerts to their members. An e-mail from the St. Paul Area Association of Realtors says the victim "was approached by a man posing as an agent, asking to preview her home. She allowed him into her home and was... raped."
To say "be on the lookout" would be an understatement.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Bad News For The Univ. Of Minnesota

The hits just keep coming for the University of Minnesota. H/T to Rambix reader A. Karl K. for the heads up on the story the campus recruiters don't want you to see, from the Minnesota Daily newspaper: "U area sees assault increase".

Assaults up 113 percent

Minneapolis' 2nd Precinct, which includes the University, saw a 113 percent increase in reported assaults in August from the same period last year, according to police figures.

>> A fraternity member was assaulted Sunday after asking a group of eight to 10 men to not walk through the yard of Chi Psi at 15th and University Avenues. The men refused to walk around and a confrontation ensued when the victim was punched in the face.

>> Saturday, a man was leaving a store at 14th Avenue and 5th Street when another man asked him for money. He refused to give any and was punched in the face.

>> A man was riding his bike Sept. 11 near Emerald Street and Franklin Avenue Southeast about 3 p.m. Two men stopped him with a car and punched him in the face.

>> A group of 10 to 15 men assaulted a student Sept. 9. The group approached the victim and asked about a party. He suffered a broken jaw after being pushed to the ground and kicked.

Benjamin Sodetani, a first-year Minneapolis Community and Technical College student, witnessed the assault on his friend, who he's known since third grade.

"(He) was lying on the ground of the parking lot; he was conscious but didn't know what was going on," Sodetani said.
Unfortunately, the University suffers along with Minneapolis. The effects of the Minneapolis Quagmire have ramifications throughout the metro area and the state. To wit: this, from KSTP Eyewitness News:

2 arrested in Brooklyn Pk. Wendy's shooting

Two suspects were arrested in connection to a shooting at a Wendy's Restaurant located on 7445 71st Ave. N. in Brooklyn Park.

Antonio Valentino Devon Houle and another suspect were arrested Tuesday morning.

Tuesday at 12:45 a.m., Brooklyn Park police responded to a emergency call from inside Wendy's reporting that the manager had been shot in the back.

According to police, a suspect had ordered food at the drive-thru and got into an argument with one of the clerks. He threatened that he had a gun and would be back. The vehicle was spotted in the restaurant's parking lot five minutes later and then shots were fired.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the manager suffering from a minor gunshot wound. Police obtained a description of the suspect and their vehicle from employees
The police arrested the coward and his accomplice shortly thereafter. What will Ms. Klobuchar do with this criminal?

Kennedy vs. The Machine weighs in.

Shark Bait of Anti-Strib weighs in.

[Photo courtesy KSTP News]

Violent Crime In Minneapolis Up 25.8%

Violent is crime is 25.8% from January to Sept 11, 2006, as compared with the same period last year. Meanwhile, authorities are wondering what to do with Mr. 110 arrests, Terry Lee McMorris.

Mystery abounds.

Would it be a stretch to posit that an explosion of violence in Minneapolis, and the apparent need for authorities to solicit public input as to what should be done with a criminal who has been arrested 110 times with few obvious consequences might lead one to believe there is a dysfunctional public safety apparatus in Minneapolis and Hennepin County?

Obviously I'm not implying that criminal McMorris' 110 arrests/criminal career has led to violence (although we can't rule it out), but he clearly operates with a degree of impunity. Do you think that point is lost on the harder-core gangster thugs? I think not.

The evidence supports the theory that a culture of crime has been allowed to fester in Minneapolis and Hennepin County. The leaders of those governmental units, including, but not limited to, Mayor Rybak and Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar, should be held accountable.

The Red Star reports: "Violent crime up in Minneapolis".

Minneapolis' violent crime rate continues to outpace that of 2005, but authorities said Monday that a recent crackdown on juvenile crime is slowing the increase.

The violent crime rate from January to Sept. 11, 2006, was 25.8 percent higher than the same period last year, according to Minneapolis police. That includes murder, robbery, aggravated assaults and rape. The increase from 2005 was as high as 60 percent in January and stayed above 30 percent for most of the year.
Apparently the silver lining in this report is that crime only increased 25.8%. Why, it could have been 60%!

Despite the reports of progress, every category of violent crime continues to show an increase over the same period of 2005. According to preliminary crime reports from the department, homicides are up 18 percent, rape is up 22 percent, robbery is up 29 percent and aggravated assaults are up 24 percent.
No matter how you try to whitewash it, these numbers are ugly.

The question is: will there be consequences for the leaders who brought us to this point?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

110 Arrests

I previously posted on a call for a community impact statement for an individual in Amy Klobuchar's Hennepin County with 96 arrests and climbing. Here's what I wrote on 8/29/06:

I'm not sure what the magic number is in Amy Klobuchar's Hennepin County, but it might just be 100 arrests before you are punished for being a menace to society in Hennepin County.

The Minneapolis Police SAFE Unit is looking Community Impact input so that the court can intervene "in a meaningful way" with Krissy Ann Stillday, who has been in handcuffs 96 more times than Ms. Klobuchar has been in the prosecutor's chair since becoming HCA...
It appears that 100 is not the magic number, as the following Sep 13, 2006 3:06 PM dispatch from the Minneapolis Police SAFE Unit attests:

Request for Community Impact Statements

NOTICE: All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

It is a unlawful to report a crime knowing that it is false. See Minn. Stat. 609.505.

Terry Lee McMorris

DOB: 05/15/71

Mr. McMorris was arrested 09/12/2006 for a narcotics violation during a search warrant at a drug house on the northside.

Mr. McMorris has been arrested 110 times since October of 1990. He is currently on probation and has 76 days of his sentence stayed. That means the judge can send him back to jail for those remaining days or longer if he wishes.

If you have personally observed Mr. McMorris engaging in conduct that negatively impacts your community, please consider writing a community impact statement (offender form attached) describing that conduct and how it has impacted you and the neighborhood as a whole.


If you haven’t observed Mr.McMorris, but are experiencing similar problems with other individuals who are engaging in similar conduct that negatively impacts your community, please feel free to write an impact statement as well. (Offense form attached) Be sure to note in your statement that you have not personally observed Mr. McMorris engaging in this conduct.

Please email your community impact statements to: Carla Nielson at the Franklin Safety Center (871-8090) - or fax them to Carla at (612) 342- 0224.
Stayed sentences, probation, 110 arrests - are there no consequences in Hennepin County? And Ms. Klobuchar is running on her public safety record? Who's running the show here?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Robberies Up 100% On University Of Minnesota Campus

WCCO News has issued a stunning report that the violence on or near the University of Minnesota campus is worse than feared: "U Of M Campus Robberies Up 100 Percent".

(WCCO) Minneapolis In the college classroom, there's a teacher for every few hundred students. But on the streets, there are a thousand students for every police officer at the University of Minnesota. According to Minneapolis Police, robberies are up 115 percent in the past two years in the U of M area.
Great city, Minneapolis. Have you read this in the Red Star, by the way?

College life at the U of M used to be late night studies, late night parties, late night walks; now it's this:

"In our dorm a couple nights ago, we were talking to someone who came back from west bank and he said that he got mugged over there," said freshman Janneke Schaap. "The guy had a gun and everything, and he took his money and everyone else's money with him."

Last spring, one student was robbed and hit in the head with a brick just steps away from his dorm. His injury required 13 stitches.
Unfortunately, it looks like many of the students get their news (or lack thereof) from the Red Star:

Young people we talked to were stunned campus robberies are up more than 100 percent and are even more concerned that most victims are students.

"Wow, no I was unaware of that. It's pretty incredible, that's terrible," said sophomore Marco Vincent.
It's unacceptable when Minneapolis residents are exposed to such a high level of criminal activity; it's intolerable when our young adult students are getting the tar beat out of them just for being on or near campus.

Here's exactly what we need - an involved and angry parent of a U of M student who has written a letter to the Red Star for not doing basic reporting on a public safety threat [from email sent to Rambix]:

Richard F.
Subject: Campus Assaults
Date: Sep 16, 2006

Saw the lame article in the Strib today and sent the author the following:

You describe assailants in the latest crime wave near campus as "a Group" and "Guys". We, who have children attending the U, and who actually subscribe to your newspaper (and therefore pay you money) should be entitled to a better description.

How about trying to warn innocent folks by publishing the police reports, or at least the descriptions of the subhumans involved. If an innocent person is assaulted by a "group" and you have withheld a description which might have saved him/her, are you not violating your journalistic ethics?
I don't expect a response, but will at least warn my kid!
Great letter, Richard. Let us know what they say, if anything.

Minneapolis 3rd Precinct Update - Shooting

This is an update from Inspector Gerlicher, 3rd Precinct Commander, Minneapolis Police Sep 14, 2006 1:49 PM:

A second shooting [Ed. - The first was the murder I've already reported] occurred late yesterday afternoon at the corner of 25th/Chicago. In this case, a 26 year old male who was speaking to another male at that location was shot in the arm by suspects in a vehicle. The injuries suffered in this case were not life threatening. Thankfully a witness was able to provide a vehicle description and license plate and within 45 minutes, 3rd precinct officers located the vehicle unoccupied at another location in the precinct. Also, 3rd precinct officers have since made two arrests in this case and recovered two handguns and we believe that we have identified all parties involved in the case. There could be additional arrests. This incident occurred adjacent to Children’s hospital and I have already spoken to their staff about the case.

St. Paul Armed Robbery

KARE 11 News reports an armed robbery in St. Paul last night on West 7th St: "Armed robbers hit St. Paul Burger King".

Police in Saint Paul are asking for the public's help find the men who robbed a Burger King Thursday night.

Two African American men, one armed with a handgun, robbed the fast food restaurant on West 7th Street around 9 p.m.

The men were seen leaving the Burger King in a [Pends confirmation of information accuracy, article remains retained on KARE 11 News site].

Anyone who sees this car is asked to call police at 651-291-1111. Do not approach the men, they are considered very dangerous.
Armed robbery seems to be the crime of choice in the Twin Cities this year. What do you think these rats are doing when they're not committing crimes?

[Photo courtesy KARE 11 News]

Friday, September 15, 2006

More Reporting On University Of Minnesota Violence

You haven't seen this in the Red Star to date.

KARE 11 News reports on the fallout from the savage beating of University of Minnesota student Mike Murphy:

A 21-year-old honor student at the University of Minnesota and avid skier, Murphy was set to graduate in three-and-a-half years this December.

But that all changed when he ran into trouble early last Saturday morning while walking with friends to their apartment on the East Bank.

"His recollection is sketchy," Dan Murphy, Mike's dad said. "He remembers getting hit from behind literally and on the ground he remembers being pummeled."

Police say as many as six people took turns beating Murphy. It finally ended when a friend called 911 and the assailants ran off.
The East Bank seems to be the nexus of incidents involving random mob violence:

Every student and faculty member on the Twin Cities campus will get an email Friday morning with a warning from University Police. That's because Murphy was just one of three severe, random beatings of students on the East Bank last weekend.
"This is very uncommon," said Lt. Chuck Miner of the U of M Police Department. "These appear to be very random acts; no robbery involved just walking along and got assaulted."
The random nature of the assaults is particularly troubling, because you're not targeted for certain behaviors; you're targeted because you are simply there.

KARE 11 News, as usual, has done some nice reporting here. Read the whole thing, then contact Mayor Rybak and ask him what meaningful action he is taking to rid his city of the seemingly endless supply of vicious thugs. Why do criminals in Minneapolis seem to feel they can rob, beat, and kill with impunity?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Criminals Gangs Terrorize University Of Minnesota


Armed criminal gangs have struck hard on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota, assaulting victims with baseball bats or clubs for no apparent motive. The University of Minnesota Police have issued a Crime Alert:

Assault Incidents
posted: september 13, 2006

In the early morning of Saturday, September 9, 2006 there were three separate incidents in which male victims were approached by a group of males and physically assaulted on or near the East Bank of the University of Minnesota. In two of the incidents the victim was assaulted with either a baseball bat or a stick. At least two of the victims needed to be hospitalized due to the extent of their injuries. These incidents were not robberies and there is no other apparent motive. Times and locations were as follows:

12:30 AM, 16th and University Avenue SE, (University Police Case)
2:00 AM, 12th Avenue SE and Como Avenue SE, (Minneapolis Police Case)
2:15 AM, 12th Avenue SE and Talmadge Avenue SE, (Minneapolis Police Case)

The suspects in the incidents were all males. The reported number of assailants in these cases ranged from 5 to 15. Members of the University community who are walking in and around the campus at night are reminded to be aware of their surroundings, travel with a companion(s), and use the free Campus Escort Service which can be accessed by calling 612-624-WALK. Carry a cell phone if you have one and do not hesitate to call 911 on or off campus if you observe suspicious circumstances or are in fear. Minneapolis and University of Minnesota Police are in continuous radio communication, either or both will respond.

If you may have seen such a group as described around that time, in that location, or have information on any of these incidents is asked to contact the Minneapolis Police Tips Line at 612-692-8477, Sergeant Erika Christensen of the Minneapolis Police Department at 612-673-3407, or the University of Minnesota Police at 612-624-COPS.
In recent weeks I have written about the increased violence on or near campus. I have posted about numerous assaults. I have posted concerns of the president of the university. The violence continues.

Please use caution.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Crime Alert - Minneapolis Robberies

You don't have to worry unless you're a "high risk lifestyle" purse-carrier frequenting certain areas of Minneapolis at 10 a.m., late afternoon, or evening. For those that fit this profile, be on the lookout, as the Minneapolis Police have issued a Crime Alert following several robberies of persons:

Harrison, Near North, and Willard-Hay Neighborhoods (9-12-2006)

Robbery of Person September 12, 2006


Since August 1, there have been several robberies and purse snatchings in the Willard-Hay, Near North and Harrison neighborhoods involving a group of juvenile suspects. In some cases, suspects have approached the victims and asked for the time. Suspects are then either snatching the victims’ purse or demanding the victim’s money. Several victims have either been struck or knocked to the ground in the robberies. In some cases, a black semi-automatic handgun has been displayed. These robberies have been occurring in the Harrison neighborhood and in the southern parts of Willard-Hay and Near North. Most of these robberies have occurred in the late afternoon and evening, although one happened at approximately 10:00 a.m.

Suspects are described as black males, 15 to 18 years of age, 5’6” to 5’9”. In several cases, they are approaching their victims in groups of three or four, either on foot or riding bicycles.

If you have any information on these robberies, please call the Minneapolis Police Department Juvenile Unit at 612-673-2921.
Although the group of thugs who murdered Courtney Brown have been arrested, this current group of criminals is eerily similar in age, numbers, race, etc. This leads me to wonder what kind of social breakdown has occurred in cities such as Minneapolis that would produce a seemingly endless stream of young gangsters to perpetrate crimes on innocent people, day in and day out?

Where are the parents? Where are the churches? Where are the consequences? Where is the shame?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Now A Homicide: South Minneapolis Shooting Of Woman; Child Hit By Schrapnel

KARE 11 News reports a shooting has just occurred within the past couple of hours. The victims include an adult female who was shot multiple times, and a six year old child who was wounded by shrapnel: "South Minneapolis shooting wounds two".

Two people were wounded in a shooting in south Minneapolis.

Police say a 23-year-old woman was shot multiple times just outside the front door of a home she was visiting in the 2500 block of 12th Avenue South. A six-year-old was also injured by shrapnel from the shooting. The child's injury is not life-threatening.

Police do not believe the shooting was random.

It took place just before 6 p.m.
Will post more later as details emerge.

UPDATE: The Red Star has more details:

A woman suffered life-threatening wounds when she was shot several times. . .

Police were continuing to gather evidence about what led to the shooting.

"We're not sure why she was targeted," Gerlicher said.

The gunman got out of a car and approached the woman in the front yard, City Council Member Gary Schiff said.

"Someone came up to a woman, unarmed, with a child standing by -- a complete coward," he said of the gunman. "We need the community's help in finding who would shoot someone in a front yard with a child playing nearby."

. . .The couple, who said they have a quiet neighborhood, went outside to see what had happened and the woman was lying down in the tiny, fenced front yard next door and talking.

"She was saying, 'Watch my head'," Lucy Oats said. "She was fanning her head.". . .
UPDATE 09/12/2006 10:44:23 PM: It's now a homicide, as KSTP News reports. And apparently all the attention focused on the Northside has made those with short memories forget that the Southside is violent too:

A 22-year-old woman was shot four times on the 2500 block of 12th Ave. S. around 5:30 p.m., according to Minneapolis Police. She later died at Hennepin County Medical Center.

She was shot four times and one of the shots fired at the woman grazed a seven-year-old child, police told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS.

"All this shooting is about to run me away," said neighborhood resident Nida Bryant. She said she is thinking about moving to Phoenix.

Another neighbor said she's counted five shootings in the neighborhood recently.
[Photo courtesy KARE 11 News]

More Detail Emerges On Vicious University Of Minnesota Beatings

I've twice previously reported on the violent assault of two students at the University of Minnesota; a story the MSM, save for Fox 9 News, is ignoring. More disturbing detail is emerging via the University's newspaper, the Minnesota Daily: "Two U students assaulted".

A visit to a friend's house early Sunday turned into a bloody trip to the hospital for two University students.

A group of five or six men attacked the students about 2:15 a.m. Sunday on the 1000 block of 12th Avenue Southeast in the Southeast Como neighborhood, witnesses said.

University senior Michael Murphy was first punched in the face and then beaten with what looked like a board, said witness and friend Sara Jensen.

Murphy underwent reconstructive surgery on the left side of his face after he suffered three skull fractures, she said.

Gary Antilla, a sociology and law and criminal deviance junior, said he too suffered a fractured skull and received stitches on his head and hands. He also had abrasions on his arms.

Previous reports underplayed the tremendous amount of violence involved.

Inexplicably, there are no suspect descriptions. Should we not demand more of the MSM, including the Red Star?

What will it take to suppress the criminal element in Minneapolis? Is the beating of University students not sufficient for action to be taken?

Minneapolis Gas Stations Under Criminal Siege

The Minneapolis Downtown Journal reports that two gas stations trying to serve the public in Mayor Rybak's Minneapolis are overwhelmed by criminals. Business costs are rising due to the need for beefed up security, including off-duty officers (consider that, you business owners who are considering doing business in the city).

"Downtown gas stations beef up security measures"

Two late-night gas stations Downtown are taking steps to provide extra security in the face of criminal activity.

Loring Park’s SuperAmerica, 101 W. Grant St., may soon hire an off-duty police officer to supplement a surveillance system purchased this year.

“There is a bunch of theft going on, and the employees can’t do much about it,” said Store Manager Ahmed Kamala. “It’s always going to be crazy out here. Guys are dealing drugs in the parking lots. ... We are trying to deter some of these things from going on.”
Think about this next time you want to stop in for a snack:

Less than a month ago, the business permanently closed the public restroom after finding syringes.
Well, no one ever claimed that Minneapolis doesn't welcome a diversity of people.

SuperAmerica is not alone in it's struggle against crime.

Bobby and Steve's Auto World, cnveniently located at Washington Ave. and 35W seems to attract much more than it's fair share of thugs:

Bobby & Steve’s Auto World, 1221 Washington Ave. S., located in the vicinity of a recent shooting, has employed a minimum of two security guards on-site from midnight-4 a.m. for several years now. Late-night food orders are offered only to-go. In addition, the station closes during the after-bar rush on Friday and Saturday nights from 2:30-3:15 a.m.
These store are trying hard to do business in a city that has a festering culture of criminal behavior. And make no mistake, the extra security costs are not absorbed by the businesses; they are passed on to you and me.

And how does this kind of neglect affect the local business climate? Just ask the chairman and Chief Executive of Macy's North, Frank Guzzetta:

No one knew quite what Guzzetta, 61, a relative newcomer to the Twin Cities, had in mind. The guests, who included Mayor R.T. Rybak and Target Corp. marketing executive Michael Francis, were slightly anxious as they moved along a lush buffet table filled with Indian cuisine and five varieties of wine.

Then, as if on cue, Guzzetta strode to the front of the room and delivered a speech essentially criticizing those present for not doing enough to stanch the exodus of downtown retailers to the suburbs. "Without a group of people to take this to the next level, the downtown will go backwards," he told the group.
What say you, Mr. Mayor?

Monday, September 11, 2006


"It’s time to set the record straight, Amy Klobuchar hasn’t helped the crime problem in her district at all".

To what extent is Hennepin County Attorney and U.S. Senate wannabe Amy Klobuchar culpable or responsible for the rising tide of violence in Minneapolis and Hennepin County?

Martin Andrade has a very nicely done detailed analysis: "Amy Klobuchar and Crime".

I set out this week to figure out if there are any conclusions that can be drawn between Klobuchar’s work at the DA’s office and the violent crime rates in Hennepin County and Minneapolis.
Read on, and see if you come to the same conclusion.

I tend to agree with Martin: It's tough to draw a direct correlation between the incompetence of Mayor Rybak and Klobuchar's failure to aggressively prosecute criminal scum, but both have failed in their duty to perform the most important governmental function of all: protecting the public.

Thanks for your thoughtful analysis, Martin.

9/11 - We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire...

We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire...Give us the tools and we will finish the job.

Sir Winston Churchill, BBC radio broadcast, Feb 9, 1941

Victim names and tribute

More On The University Of Minnesota Assault

Two days ago, I wrote this:

Fox 9 News at 9:00 has reported the vicious mob beating of two University students in "Dinkytown", near the University of Minnesota campus. I don't yet find a link for this story, even on the Fox 9 website.

More as the story develops.
No one to my knowledge, except Fox 9 News, seems to have covered this story until, well, this blog, and now the University of Minnesota's campus paper, The Minnesota Daily. The Daily has a very brief story, with much less detail than was on Fox 9 News: "University student in hospital after assault".

A University student is in the hospital after a Saturday morning fight .
About 2:15 a.m., a University student was assaulted with a weapon near campus, said University Police Chief Greg Hestness. The student suffered injuries to the head and possibly to the hand, he said.

Hestness said he was unsure what kind of weapon was used, but said that because a weapon was used, a suspect would face felony charges.
Fox 9 News had reported the weapon was some type of club, possibly a 2X4. If you saw the video of the victim, it wouldn't be a stretch to believe a large weapon was used.

So why isn't anyone else on this story? The potential felons are on the loose. Descriptions? Anything?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Cancer Is Spreading

We've seen more and more stories coming from the MSM about gang activity in the suburbs - it's not just an urban thing anymore. While no suburb has been immune to crime, gangs have heretofore been mostly confined to urban areas.

That may be changing, as KSTP News has yet more evidence of the spreading cancer of gangs in the Twin Cities metro area: "Gang graffiti on homes in Richfield".

Richfield High School became a target for local gang members Saturday evening. Graffiti covered high school's walls, as well as a back fence and garage door of a house nearby. The taggers are part of a notorious city gang, now moving to suburbs, police said.

"Being a father of 2 small children, it's a big concern for myself", a neighbor said.

The scene at West Pleasant Avenue and West 72nd Street did not look so pleasant after the "artists" were done. Sureno 13 gang is responsible for last night's incident, police said.

[Idiots] 13 is a gang that originated in Los Angeles and has been operating near East Lake Street in Minneapolis. Investigators said that earlier this year the gang started moving to Richfield.

"Apparently it's gonna spill over into our nice neighborhood here in Richfield, said Jed Popiel, who lives near the scene.
Another gift from the Golden State. [Note: I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of seeing their name in print, even if they can read]. And note the comment regarding gangs "spilling over" from Minneapolis. That's exactly what I've predicted and feared would start to happen.

If Mayor Rybak and company can't control the thugs of Minneapolis, everyone will suffer. In other words, Minneapolis problems are everyone's problem, and, by extension, weak-mayor Rybak is also everyone's problem.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

University of Minnesota Dinkytown Beatings

Fox 9 News at 9:00 has reported the vicious mob beating of two University students in "Dinkytown", near the University of Minnesota campus. I don't yet find a link for this story, even on the Fox 9 website.

More as the story develops.

Sexual Assault On Stranger In Minneapolis

A woman who was engaged in "high risk" behavior, waiting for a bus, early Thursday morning in Minneapolis was sexually assaulted near Nicollet Ave. and 9th St.

The Red Star reports: "Man charged with sexual assault in downtown Minneapolis".

A Minneapolis man was charged Friday with sexually assaulting a woman early Thursday morning in downtown Minneapolis.

Christopher L. Tate, 28, had approached a woman near Nicollet Avenue and 9th Street after she missed a bus about 2:18 a.m., said a criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County District Court. When she fled down a well-lit alley, he followed her, pushed her against a building, fondled her and pulled down her pants, the complaint said.

Tate tried to sexually assault her, but she was able to flee and get help, the complaint said. Video surveillance from a nearby building captured the incident.

Capt. Rich Stanek said that the two didn't know each other and that Tate isn't currently linked to other assaults.
I don't find a criminal record for Mr. Tate in Minnesota, but I not convinced this is his first (alleged) crime.

What a sorry state of affairs this city has become.

Three Shot In St. Paul

Minnesota's two largest cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, are infested with gangs, and the result is violence on a scale we haven't seen since the early to mid-1990's.

KSTP News reports the latest mayhem: "Triple shooting in St. Paul".

Three people were hospitalized this morning after a shooting on the 1000 block of Charles Avenue in St. Paul.

Police say a woman and a man were shot in the chest. Another man was shot in the leg.

Police say the shooting was sparked by a fight in an alley, and was likely gang related. No arrests have been made.
This story is pretty fresh, so there's not much detail yet. More later.

UPDATE: Here's an current KSTP article.

Three people were shot at a house party in St. Paul early Saturday morning. At 12:15 a.m. Paul Vang, 24, Tino Var, 20, and Vanthan Var, 26, attened a party at 1000 block of Sherburne Ave. There was reportedly a dispute over money, when a 16-year-old used a gun and shot three people.

"I looked out the window - just saw police swarming all over the place" a witness said.

Vang was shot in the leg, and both Vantan and Var were shot in the abdomen. All three victims were in critical but stable condition at the Regions hospital.

"I just saw him on the ground and he's like, I can't move. Help me," said Bunth Kong, who helped one of the victims.

Police arrested the juvenile who admitted to the crime.
[Photo courtesy KSTP News]

Murder Arrests

KSTP News reports on the quick police work in rounding up the sewer rats who murdered a local teenager for his sports jersey: "Fourth person arrested in teen's murder".

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Police said Friday they had arrested four people in the slaying of a teenager on the city's troubled north side, just days after they appealed to the public for help.

Courtney Brown, 15, was shot to death Saturday night after police said he and his brother were accosted by a group of young people demanding their basketball jerseys.

Arrested were three boys ages 17, 16 and 13, along with an adult male. Police believe one of the two older juveniles was the shooter, while the adult was "involved with the handling of the weapon," said Lt. Lee Edwards, head of the homicide unit. Authorities plan to try to charge the alleged shooter as an adult.

Police were also looking for two more juveniles, Edwards said.
The suspects are mostly teenagers - any bets on whether the punishment will fit the crime?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Minneapolis Quagmire Going Global

First an article in the Economist, and now a commentary in the New York Times (liberal both) - Mayor Rybak's Minneapolis Quagmire and Minnesotan's response to pervasive crime (self-defense via 2nd Amendment) is getting worldwide recognition.

The Lady Logician dissects: "Dodge City or Murderapolis".

Liberals don't seem to make the connection between the violent crime rate and the need for citizens to defend themselves. If you don't like good people carrying firearms, then do something about criminal violence.

Mr. Mayor?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

University Of Minnesota Assault

It seems that I just finished posting an interview with the University of Minnesota president about the escalating crime problem on or near campus, when a new incident of violence has emerged. The University of Minnesota Police have issued a Crime Alert following an assault on campus: "Assault - Union and Washington Av SE".

Two people involved in a verbal altercation resulted in the bicylist physically assaulting the driver of the car. Police are seeking help in the identification of the bicyclist pictured below. If you have information regarding this incident or the identity of the bike rider, please contact Det. Matt Quast at 612-624-1036.

St. Paul Robbery/Shooting

In a scene reminiscent of Minneapolis violence, a 15 year old boy has been shot in St. Paul, ostensibly as part of a robbery. KSTP News reports: "Teen shot behind St. Paul barber shop".

In what appears to be an attempted robbery, a 15-year-old was shot in the arm Thursday afternoon in St. Paul. It happened on University Ave. and Herschel St. and St. Paul Police say the suspect fled the scene.

According to initial reports, the boy was walking home from a nearby school and walked into a barber shop to inquire about prices. A few minutes later, according to police, the boy came back into the barber shop saying he'd been shot and robbed in the alley behind the building.

The boy is at Regions Hospital and initial reports are that he will be fine.

The suspect is described as a black male in his early 20s with a slight build, wearing a Twins hat and red tennis shoes. Anyone with any information is encouraged to call St. Paul Police.
Robbery has been the scourge of Minneapolis and St. Paul this year, and this case is no exception. Will someone once and for all study the background of the robbers that have been caught and convicted so that we can learn where they come from, and if they are from out of state, what draws them here?

That information is obviously not available to the general public, so we need to depend on law enforcement or prosecutorial authorities to make the data available.

What is there to hide?

[Graphic courtesy KSTP News]

Minneapolis Crime News From The 2nd Precinct

CSCR/Kidnap occurred at 23xx 5th St NE. Two suspects in custody. Vict treated at HCMC. Search WT executed. #06-252,301.

Narcotics Unit: MPD/Henn. Co. Task Force officers concluded an investigation into crystal meth dealer from P2 with a violent criminal history, including homicide. We used STOP officers in marked squads to try and stop the offender when he was believed to be carrying meth to sell to an undercover officer. A chase ensued with the suspect throwing narcotics out of his car, and was terminated when the suspect began driving down a one-way street. Officers located the suspect a short distance away, after he parked his car and attempted to walk away. His 16 year-old daughter who acted as the suspect’s translator for drug deals was arrested by a P2 officer as she tried to walk away as well. Narcotics were recovered from the vehicle, and the suspect has been charged with multiple offenses.