Monday, October 09, 2006

Gun To The Head: Update

Fox 9 News has finally improved its website, particularly the timeliness of stories posted (as a side note, I don't care for the appearance too much, but it's the reporting that counts, right?).

Fox 9 is also the first TV news site, as far as I can tell, to update the Sunday afternoon Minneapolis shooting story that I posted about here: "Gun To The Head In Minneapolis" (previous post). Here's the Fox 9 News update:

MINNEAPOLIS -- As you look down the 4300 block of Knox Avenue North, nothing looks out of the ordinary.

But go to the back of the alley and there are reminders of the violence that took place Sunday afternoon.

"This is an everyday occurrence and it's quite frightening when somebody injured as result of this,” Lt. Greg Reinhardt said. “This isn't somebody being ripped off, it's being assaulted."

Police say three men were in the metro when they saw a car for sale, called the number listed and went to meet up with the sellers at a north Minneapolis home.

"They went inside and almost immediately they were confronted by three suspects, two of them armed with guns," Reinhardt said.

With cash in hand, police say they never had a chance to just give the money up.

"They were basically shot first and robbed second," Reinhardt said.
Welcome to Minneapolis! You can be a Qwest employee, a pizza delivery driver, a newspaper delivery person, and now a potential car buyer, and be an equal opportunity victim of violence.

As for the investigation, police are talking to everybody, starting with the people who own the home.
That would be a good place to start. Good luck catching these rats.

By the way, Minneapolis criminals are probably disappointed the Republicans are coming to town in '08, because they're more likely to be armed. The Dems, of course, would have been soft targets. Let's see what happens to violent crime that week, assuming there's anyone left in the city by that time.