Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fox 9 Now Reports Greenway Muggings On Their Website

"It seemed to me its not difficult for him to strike me,” Carol said. “This is something they played out over and over again – taking turns and getting pleasure out of it."

Fox 9 News has now update their website to include the story they broadcast last night about the multiple muggings on the Loring Greenway in Minneapolis. I recommend watching the video which can be accessed with the story: "Muggings on the Greenway".

MINNEAPOLIS -- Linking downtown Minneapolis and the Nicollet Mall to Loring Park, the Greenway is a path, popular with everyday people – and increasingly a favorite stomping ground for professional pickpockets.

Petrified the robbers will target her again, Carol prefers to conceal her identity. She often walk the Greenway from home to work and back.

Tuesday night she stayed late at the office and didn’t think twice about taking her regular route. Only steps from her door, three suspects emerged from the shadows.

“One came from this side, one came from that side and I was surrounded,” Carol said.

She was also outnumbered.

The thugs slapped her so hard, she fell to the ground. They grabbed her purse and disappeared into the darkness.
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