Saturday, September 30, 2006

Minneapolis: Gun to The Head - Raped

The Minneapolis Quagmire continues with this report of the gunpoint rape of a woman on the Northside. There are two suspects, and, as usual, no descriptions. The Red Star reports: "Minneapolis woman raped at gunpoint".

Police are investigating the rape of a woman who reported she was forced into a car at gunpoint Thursday night in north Minneapolis and taken to a Mississippi River boat launch.

Lt. Greg Reinhardt said that it appears the 28-year-old Minneapolis woman, who was left by the boat launch on the edge of the Camden neighborhood, did not know the two suspects.
Stranger rape is serious business. If these rats aren't stopped now, then there is no reason why they won't do this again.

With rape being such an intimate crime, I'm mystified why there aren't good suspect descriptions. I suspect the police have more information they aren't releasing, but I've never understood how withholding suspect information can help an investigation.

Welcome to the Quagmire.