Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hamline University Crime Alert

Hamline and Macalester Colleges, both located in St. Paul suffered a withering series of armed robberies earlier this spring. A recent crime alert reminds us the danger has not passed [Delay in posting due to apparent technical problems with the University's Safety & Security site]:



CAMPUS SAFETY ALERT – September 16, 2006

Critical / Major Incident

I would like to inform you about a robbery that occurred off campus September 15, 2006 at approximately 11:55 PM. Two off-campus CLA students were walking south on Holton toward Minnehaha Avenue when they were approached from behind by one suspect. The suspect pointed a hand gun at the victims and demanded the victims’ property. The students were not physically injured.

The suspect description is as follows: African American male, 5’7” wearing dark jeans and a gray hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up.

I have contacted the Saint Paul police and asked them to increase their patrols in our near campus area during the night and early morning hours. These patrols are now in effect. Please call Safety and Security immediately if you see suspicious activity on or near campus. 24 hour dispatch 651-523-2100. From a campus phone dial 2100.