Friday, September 22, 2006

Reader Analysis Of How Criminals Can Get Off Easy

I don't know if Rambix reader and contributor bobby_b is in the business, but this is a pretty impressive analysis of how scumbags can evade justice (taken from comments):

Say a guy has five different sets of charges against him, arrested five times for five different sets of offences - and he faces time on all of them. Assault in Mpls, Assault 2 in Bloomington, CDP in Mound, Terroristic Threats in St. Paul etc . . . . Now, he's finally been picked up (probably on a traffic violation, since they only affirmatively go out to find "serious" scums.)

Say one suburb or city gets him in jail first, and prosecutes him. The rest just wait. (It's cheap to wait.)

Scum goes to trial, and loses (or pleads guilty to the least-serious charge in his pile, which is, by far the most common scenario - arrest a guy for rape, assault 2, and littering, and everyone lets him plead to littering) and then gets sentenced to 90 days.

City #2 then prosecutes him. Trial, and he loses on the terroristeic threats charge, and gets 90 days.

Since he was in custody all that time, the following rationale is applied:

Prosecutor #2 COULD HAVE insisted on getting him first. Since Scum is serving 90 days for his first set of charges, the second city COULD HAVE brought him in right then and charged him in the same proceeding - and so, if multiple sentences are imposed in multiple appearances, the time, by MN statute, MUST BE concurrent. (This means, is served at the same time - i.e., five "90 day" sentences, served concurrently, all run out after 90 days.)

So, all of the charges and convictions for which Scum is arrested and jailed and tried are served concurrently.

Meaning this: If you're a lifetime scum, you might as well commit lots and lots of crimes in a short period of time, because if you pull one rape, or nine, the "time served" crap in this state means you'll never get punished for more than one.

(Caveat: the rape example is extreme, for one reason - some crimes garner more "points" for a second, or third, offence. Therefore, sometimes a second trial is for "rape with one prior rape", and so is more serious, and thus gets a longer sentence.)

But, still, damn, we're just too fecking easy on these skells. "If you commit two crimes, then each day in prison counts for both"? What bulls---.
What a system we have, no? Maybe someone can answer how Amy Klobuchar's office fits into this scenario.

Thanks, bobby_b for shedding some light.