Monday, September 25, 2006

And Don't Come Back

Illegal alien Francisco Serrano, a cause celebre of the socialist left, is finally getting the boot out of this great country.

And good riddance.

I've previously written about Mr. Serrano here and in other posts, following his sordid tale from being the ever-so-adorable young lad discovered living in Apple Valley (MN) High School, to his being taken in and supported by local real estate developer Basim Sabri (subsequently sent to prison on corruption charges), to his butcher-knife armed home invasion in Boston.

Well, now the Red Star reports he's finally on track to getting what he should have gotten long ago: thrown out of the country (and don't come back): "Apple Valley school squatter admits guilt in Boston break-in".

The twisting tale of Francisco Serrano -- the Apple Valley High School squatter turned Boston home invader -- appears to again be nearing its American end.
Serrano pleaded guilty in Boston Municipal Court Monday to breaking into a Boston apartment March 29, setting the stage for his release shortly to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials -- and potential deportation.

Judge Raymond Dougan, Jr., sentenced the 22-year-old Serrano to a one-year jail term, but required him to serve only six months, or the time he already had spent awaiting trial, thus likely speeding Serrano's release to federal custody.
He's not been one to follow rules:

After being ordered out of the United States, Serrano was supposed to have gotten on a plane in the Twin Cities to Mexico earlier this year, but it was learned later that he never boarded the flight. Then came news that he had broken into the Boston apartment and threatened its occupants with knives.
America doesn't ask a lot of immigrants. If you come here legally, humbly, and ready to work, then treasure surely awaits you. (Heck, if you come to Minnesota you won't even have to work). But if you come here scornful and dismissive of our laws, then you will face consequences, as Mr. Serrano has discovered the hard way.

If the authorities have any sense, they'll give him a one-way ticket to Guadalajara where he can spend many years reflecting on his myriad and squandered opportunities in America.