Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"School Squatter" Turns Violent

The "feel good" story of the Apple Valley, MN, illegal alien "school squatter" encapsulates how the left, and in particular the pro-illegal immigration forces, are trying their best to bring our country down to a third-world level by allowing unfettered ability for anyone to enter our borders.

The people who support the gatherings going on across America couch their agenda by calling them "immigration rallies" when in fact they have nothing to do with immigration. They are about illegal, criminal behavior. They are about illegal trespassing on a sovereign nation.

Most fair-minded citizens of America would encourage legal immigration, but there is much resentment at the coddling of lawbreakers.

A case in point is the story of the "school squatter", Francisco Javier Serrano, an illegal alien who has been championed by the MSM and leftist outfits for being a hard-luck case of a young man who was just trying to make it in America. He has been discovered while "squatting" for several weeks in the Apple Valley (MN) High School.

Liberals cried and carried on about letting him stay in the state to give him a chance. Deporting him would be cruel and inhumane.

Then local real estate developer Basim Sabri agreed to take him in, and gave him an apartment to live in and provided him with money while his deportation proceedings went forward. Meanwhile, Mr. Sabri had been sent to prison on corruption charges.

Mr. Serrano was ultimately ordered to be deported.

However, instead of complying with the order, he absconded.

Serrano -- whose story piqued the nation's interest and garnered him support from high school students to a high-profile Twin Cities businessman -- never got on the flight.
Absconded until until now, that is, as the Red Star reports:

An illegal immigrant from Mexico who turned Apple Valley High School into his home for a time then vanished after being ordered to leave the country is in a Massachusetts jail, authorities said Tuesday night.

Francisco Javier Serrano, 22, is accused of breaking into a Boston apartment late last month wearing a ski mask and wielding a butcher knife. He was arrested when police found Serrano and the victim struggling on the street, according to a police report.
Not only was he caught, the sweet little angel was caught in a violent act.

This isn't a great example for the pro-illegal immigration forces, is it?

The Suffolk County jail confirmed Tuesday night that Serrano was in custody. Igbanugo said local Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have confirmed that information.

"This is not the Francisco Serrano that I represented," Igbanugo said. "I always thought he was honest and sincere."
You've been duped, Mr. Igbanugo, just like many who are marching in the streets in support of opening our borders to many good people, yes, but many bad people as well.

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