Friday, April 07, 2006

911 Transcript For Uptown Murder?

The following comment appeared on Rambix and the Red Star today:

I found my answer, maybe. Here's a comment from jb on 3/24:

"Another interesting note about how the local TV media is handling this is that on last night's Channel 4 news they had transcripts of the 911 calls. One of the callers originally described the killers as "Black males, possibly Somali" and went on to describe the white car. But on the newscast last night, they left off the ethnic descriptions and sanitized the call for us."

Jack Hellman 04.07.06 - 3:14 pm
While we know a transcript of the original 911 call exists, it is unlikely to be released by the police. However, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide me with a copy* in the event it is available. I can't give you money, but I promise to give you your props on the web site.

*Disclaimer: I will only accept a copy if it was released with police approval. I certainly don't want to do anything to jeopardize the prosecution of those sewer rats.