Friday, September 29, 2006

Minneapolis SWAT Drug Raid

The Minneapolis SWAT Team puts the smack-down on some lowlife drug dealers. Multiple shots were fired by the residents of the house in the 3400 block of Stevens Avenue South despite the fact that several children were present.

If you were Amy Klobuchar, what would you do with these rats? If you're a Minneapolis resident, what do you think she will do?

This notice is from the Minneapolis Police SAFE Units:

Minneapolis SWAT team recovers weapon,
drugs during high-risk raid

Suspect fires shots while officers execute search warrant

September 29, 2006 (MINNEAPOLIS) Late last night, Minneapolis police officers executed a drug search warrant in the 3400 block of Stevens Avenue South. As SWAT officers breached the door, the officers heard multiple gunshots fired within the dwelling. Officers entered, secured the dwelling, and discovered three young children, who were unharmed.

Officers arrested four adults, and a handgun, which had been fired by one of the suspects, was recovered along with a quantity of suspected narcotics. Those arrested were:

Mario M. Andrews, 23, of Brooklyn Center, for Probable Cause Weapons Violation, Assault upon a Police Officer (ASLT4), and an outstanding warrant.

Norris D. Andrews, 21, of Minneapolis, for Probable Cause Narcotics Violation

Debbie Underwood, 21, of Minneapolis for Disorderly House

Seleina L. Underwood, 40, of Minneapolis for Disorderly House

Photographs of the arrested persons will be available after formal charging. The case will be submitted for review, and additional charges may be considered.

Background on SWAT team

High-risk entries are among the most dangerous situations police officers face. Each SWAT officer is required to complete countless hours of training and practice to minimize risk for all those involved in such dangerous situations. Each year, the MPD SWAT Unit executes more than 300 high-risk entries. Every such situation carries tremendous risk to the officers involved and other individuals at the scene, and yesterday’s raid is an example of how exceptional training and preparation can pay off.