Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Somali Gang Robbery At Lake Of The Isles, Minneapolis

There are those, mostly liberal multiculturalist socialists, who will tell you that Somali gangs are not a problem in Minneapolis. The evidence may show otherwise, as I have documented numerous attacks and robberies by groups of Somali males since the inception of this blog.

If you don't believe documentation of actual news stories (the vast majority of my posts are based on actual news stories), then you might be interested to note that the issue has been debated at a very local level as well, as shown in this community newspaper article: "Somali Gangs: Fact or Fiction?".

Obviously no one is proposing that most Somalis are criminals. Many Somalis I have met are kind, wonderful people. That doesn't mean there isn't a potential problem within that "community".

That said, on to business.

Since the MSM won't report such things, urban socialists may not know that a Somali gang robbery and assault occurred right in the heart of their natural habitat on September 30th. The Minneapolis SAFE Unit reports that the attack happened right next to very upscale Lake of the Isles, at Euclid Place and Lake of the Isles Parkway:

Oct 2, 2006 4:24 PM


At approximately 3:20am on September 30th a robbery of person occurred at the intersection of Euclid Place and Lake of the Isles PKWY. Suspects approached the victim and struck him on the head after following him on walk around Lake of the Isles. They demanded cash, ID and credit cards.

Suspect information:

The suspects were described as four Somali males between 17-20 years old. One suspect was wearing a white t-shirt and baggy pants. The other three wore black t-shirts and baggy pants.
You won't see that in the Red Star.

Will the urban socialists and their water carriers in the MSM take notice when violent crime appears on their doorsteps?