Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life In North Minneapolis

They live like liberals and vote like conservatives, but the living part is in North Minneapolis, and this means exposure to more than your average amount of crime. Margaret Martin and David Strom (soon to be back on The Patriot), have suffered their share of slings and arrows crimewise, yet they remain steadfast and ensconced in the their Northside home.

Margaret frequently writes about neighborhood happenings on their blog, Our House, giving insights on the personal impact of crime. She stikes me as being the neighbor you'd want to have if you went out of town and had to leave your house alone.

Her latest piece involves just such a situation, which ended with a bad result: the burglary of her neighbor's house (and a house close by that exploded, for good measure).

I recommend reading the story for a first-hand account of life in a high, or relatively high, crime area.

I give them credit for hanging tough; I jumped ship in Southwest Minneapolis for much less reason.