Sunday, October 01, 2006

Crime and Punishment in Hennepin County

Here are some recent Hennepin County sentences (listed here as time served in jail after sentencing, according to the source) from anonymous who has done some yeoman's research. I have no reason to believe the source is unreliable, but I can't guarantee the accuracy, so I'm omitting the last names. The information is in the public domain:

Sex Crimes
Reginald 1st Degree Crim Sex 1 ½ mo
Curtis Fel. 3rd Degree Crim Sex 3 ½ mo
Melvin 5th Degree Crim Sex 1 day
Gary 1st Degree Crim Sex 8 mo
Donald Poss of Child Porn 4 days
Ishmel 3rd Degree Crim Sex 5 wks
Christopher 1st Degree Crim Sex 4 mo
Terry 4th Degree Crim Sex 5 wks
Darrell 3rd Degree Crim Sex 3mo
Robbie Poss of Child Porn 2 wks
Steven Fel Crim Sex 3 mo
Brian 3rd Degree Crim Sex 3 mo
Scott 2nd Degree Crim Sex 3 ½ mo
Paul Felon in Poss. Of Porn (Minors) 4 mo Home Monitoring

First Degree Burglary
Csauba 3mo
Wayne 6 mo
Ray 6 mo
James 3 mo
Leonard 2 days
Charles 4 mo
Brandon 1 mo

Violent Crimes
Ryan Felony Drive By Shooting 3 mo
Brian Felony Terroristic Threats 3 wks
A Felony Terroristic Threats 1 mo
Dana 1st Degree Aggr. Robbery 3 mo
Rahmiah 1st Degree Aggr. Robbery 3 wks
Robert 1st Degree Aggr. Robbery 4 mo
Glen Felony Theft from Person 1 wk
James Dom. Assault w/ strangulation 3 wks
Richard Dom. Assault w/ strangulation 4 days
Max Dom. Assault w/ strangulation 1 mo
Sean Dom. Assault w/ strangulation 2 mo

Miscellaneous/ Weapons
Chris GM Rifle/ Shotgun in Public 1 mo
Todd Violation of Restr. Order 2 days
Lamar Fleeing a Police Officer 9 days
Angk. Weapon w/o a permit 3 mo
Elmer Weapon w/o a permit 1 mo
Tarryten 3rd Degree Drug Sale 1 wk

And this:

Jeremy on 7-30-04 had a possession of a weapon w/o a permit, stole a car on 9-9-04, then arrested on 5-27-05 for attempted 1 st Degree Murder, convicted and sentenced to a year. Is at the workhouse, and actually is eligible for Work Release after 90 days.
(H/T Anonymous)