Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another Day On The Northside: Shootings, Assaults, Rapes

From the Minneapolis SAFE Unit, an update on recent Quagmire activity for the past week only at the never-ending party we call the Northside:

CCN 06-277424 Squad 431 responded to a PARTY call at 24XX Upton Ave. N. As the squad was arriving they observed a male place an object under a parked vehicle. This party was detained and officer recovered a handgun from under the parked the vehicle. The party was booked for PC WEAP at HCJ.

CCN: MP 06-279476


LOCATION: 2XX Broadway Ave. N.

TIME: 0125 hrs September 28, 2006

DESCRIPTION: The victim was inside the bar at above location, when he was shot. The victim was being transported to HCMC when a 1st PCT squad stopped the vehicle. Officer escorted the victim to HCMC.

Officer Jackson, Squad 494 was called to a CSCR in which the victim stated she was at the bus stop at Lowry and Penn when the suspect (whom the victim does not know) pulled up and at gunpoint, demanded the victim get into his vehicle.

Suspect drove victim to area of XXXXXXXX where victim was raped. Victim walked home where she then called police. Officer Jackson and the victim went back to XXXXXXX and Officer Jackson was able to locate the crime scene along with evidence. Car 21 called to the scene to collect evidence and photograph.


0200 hours


16th Av N/Queen Av N

Squads were sent to 15XX Queen on an unknown trouble where female is driving her car up on caller’s lawn. An able officer arrives and finds one male laying in the street with a female standing over him. The female tells the officer the male has been stabbed and needs an ambulance. Male victim is transported to North where he dies from his injuries. Female is arrested for the assault of the victim.


Burglary of Business

26XX W Broadway Av

Biz alarm is aired on above business and further information is given that this business had been broken into several times in the past few days. Arriving officers find one broken window with entry likely made. K-9 searches with negative results. Owner arrives and security video is viewed. Suspect information is developed.




LOCATION: Broadway Ave. W. & EB I94 entrance ramp

TIME: 0322 hrs September 30, 2006

DESCRIPTION: Squad 425 was dispatched to SHOTS and recovered evidence at scene. It should be noted that when evidence was recovered there were no shooting victims.

While squad 425 property inventoried the evidence, NMMC called and reported two shooting victims show up at the ER. NMMC staff did not call police for 40 minutes after the victims’ arrived at the ER.

The victims were intoxicated and did not appear to have been in the same vehicle at time of the incident.

CCN 06-281734 Squad 463, Officers Carter & Infante, stopped a SUSPV at 26/Penn and a party fled on foot. Officers gave chase and apprehended party. During the foot pursuit the AP dropped a handgun, which was recovered by officers. The AP was booked at HCJ for PC WEAP.

CCN 06-281693 Squad 421, Officers Boyd & Walker, observed smoke coming from the top floor of the apartment building located at 20XX W. Broadway Ave. Officers called for MFD and entered the building to evacuate the occupants. Officers forced entry into one apartment to ensure the occupants had exited. Officers had to retreat because of the heavy smoke. The officers drove themselves to HCMC to be checked out by medical personnel as a precaution.

52XX Bryant Ave N


15 and 16 year old brothers were involved in an argument. One brother swung a 2x4 at the other brother who then went and got a knife. The victim brother received a small cut to his lower leg and was taken to North Memorial. The suspect brother was GOA.

CCN 06-283617 Squad 959, Officer Bennett, observed a group robbing male at 30th Ave. N. & Dupont Ave. N. and stopped the vehicle the group got into. The victim was brought to the stop location and identified all 4 parties. The 4 APs were booked at HCJ for PC ROBPER. The vehicle was towed.


41 Av N/Colfax N to Dupont N


10/02/2006@1204 hrs.

Officers in squad 8429 were flagged down by a citizen who reported observing one down on 41 Av N, Colfax N to Dupont N. Officers arrived and found a black male who was DOA. Cause of death unknown at this time.

06-284102 1706 hours

24XX Fremont Ave N

A victim of a shooting showed up at this address. The victim had non life threatening injury and was transported to North Memorial by ambulance. The victim and witness gave three different locations where this may have occurred. All locations were checked with negative results for a crime scene. There was no consistent information on the suspect in this case. Car 710 was advised.

06-284134 1740 hours

GVR and Penn

A victim of a shooting showed up at North Memorial Hospital. The victim had non life threatening injury. The victim stated he was walking at the intersection of GVR and Penn when he heard gunshots fired. He felt he had been hit and then ran to his cousin’s house where he was then brought to the hospital. Officers checked the area for a crime scene and or witnesses.


Officer Creighton, Sgt Mosey, and Officer Adams responded to a shooting at 14XX Russell. One victim was found shot in the hip. He was very uncooperative and wanted to go to the hospital. Officer Adams spoke with a witness who stated that a black male on a bike with a black shirt rode away on a bike from the shooting call with a gun in his hand. The victim did not have a shirt on and stated that he was on his bike when he was shot at. Officers checked the area for a gun possibly belonging to our victim. When the victim stood up for the medical personnel a baggie of crack fell from his person. A few moments later a gun and a black shirt were recovered from a window well of the house next to where he was found. He was escorted to the hospital and held in custody for a couple of hours until he was discharged. The victim/suspect was then taken to HCJ and booked for PC Weapons and PC Narcotics.