Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Minneapolis: Loring Greenway Muggings

I've seen this story reported nowhere else in the MSM other than Fox 9 News so far. The TV reporter interviewed a female mugging victim who was on her way home from working late and suddenly found herself surrounded by three men (of course there was no suspect description, but application of the Rambix Axiom of MSM Reporting tells us the suspects are more likely than not black males*) in the Loring Greenway, near downtown Minneapolis.

One of the thugs slapped her to the ground and then they robbed the young woman. She was understandably terrified and her confidence in walking the city has been shaken.

Then they interviewed Lt. Mike Fossum of the Minneapolis Police who said this mugging matched the pattern of three previous muggings in the last couple of weeks.

Are we reading about this in the Red Star? I think not.

Even Fox 9's own website doesn't carry the written story as of the time of this writing.

Folks, I've been writing about the escalation of robberies, muggings, and assaults in Uptown, Downtown, University of Minnesota, various parks, nice neighborhoods, and bad neighborhoods of Minneapolis, and now the highly pedestrian trafficked Loring Greenway.

When are Minneapolis city leaders going to stand up once and for all and say enough is enough? It's time to crack down hard on criminal behavior and end the Quagmire in Minneapolis.

*Rambix Axiom of MSM Reporting: If it is obvious that a crime victim was able to see the attacker/criminal(s), yet no suspect description is reported in the MSM, then it is beyond likely that the suspects are black males. If the criminal(s) were white males, that fact would be prominently displayed in the story. The MSM makes every effort to hide negative behavior of protected groups, i.e. black males, while taking glee in reporting negative behavior of non-protected groups, i.e. caucasion males. The alternate name for this theorem is the Rambix Theory of MSM Social Engineering.