Friday, October 06, 2006


I posted on the alleged Kenwood Park sexual assault story with a healthy dose of skepticism, and, although I don't get it right every time, my instincts were correct on this one:

"As with many of these cases, unfortunately, that involve young teenage girls, it's prudent to take a wait-and-see approach."
KSTP reports that the story has fallen apart faster than a cheap suit: "Lake of the Isles allegations 'unfounded'"

"This is the classic story of the little boy who cried wolf," said Lt. Greg Reinhardt of the Minneapolis Police of a recent allegation of sexual assault near Lake of the Isles.

Police confirm it was all a lie. A 14-year-old girl who claimed she was raped in Kenwood Park Tuesday night. Police officially classified the case as "unfounded."
The article says the police usually don't charge the filers of false reports, despite all the man-hours wasted, but this girl should at least get some mental health counseling.

And you Kenwood/Lake of the Isles area residents who think you can relax now - don't; this story remains true: "Somali Gang Robbery At Lake Of The Isles, Minneapolis".