Thursday, September 07, 2006

Minneapolis Crime News From The 2nd Precinct

CSCR/Kidnap occurred at 23xx 5th St NE. Two suspects in custody. Vict treated at HCMC. Search WT executed. #06-252,301.

Narcotics Unit: MPD/Henn. Co. Task Force officers concluded an investigation into crystal meth dealer from P2 with a violent criminal history, including homicide. We used STOP officers in marked squads to try and stop the offender when he was believed to be carrying meth to sell to an undercover officer. A chase ensued with the suspect throwing narcotics out of his car, and was terminated when the suspect began driving down a one-way street. Officers located the suspect a short distance away, after he parked his car and attempted to walk away. His 16 year-old daughter who acted as the suspect’s translator for drug deals was arrested by a P2 officer as she tried to walk away as well. Narcotics were recovered from the vehicle, and the suspect has been charged with multiple offenses.