Saturday, September 02, 2006

Liberal Politician Mugged In Minneapolis

O the irony.

When it comes to criminal behavior, those on the right blame the criminals themselves, knowing they are not excluded from the inherent free will of man. Many on the left blame the victims or themselves for the criminal's behavior.

So if a person of the left gets mugged, did he do it to himself? Reading this quote might make one think so: "our negligence has led to the explosion of violent crime in our community."

Who said that? Well, a lefty who got mugged, as KSTP News reports: "State House candidate attacked campaigning".

DFL candidate for State House, Michael Katch, was attacked campaigning in his own neighborhood Friday.

Katch was handing out campaign materials near Broadway Ave. in Minneapolis, when six teenage boys followed him to a doorstep and started beating him.

Katch suffered a broken nose, a concussion and needs reconstructive surgery to his face. He was taken to the emergency room at University of MN Fairview Hospital and released Friday evening.

"I told them I was there to help them, I didn't really understand why they were hitting me... I'm not quite sure if they asked me for money, but it's not like I was carrying any...there wasn't much they could get from me," Katch told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS."
Forgive me, but the ignorance of some liberals is something to behold. Why did they attack you, Mr. Katch? Because they're criminals. That's what criminals do.

Despite what happened, Katch remains positive and says troubled kids are just one of the reasons he's running for office.

"As far as I'm concerned it happened, and its over with and we still have the same problems, we have to get back into the community and fix them," Katch said.
That's right; it's all over now. Nothing more to see here.

The Red Star version of the story indicates Mr. Katch is not going to press charges; it's basically just a misunderstanding.

That's why liberals are dangerous folks. It's the self- absorption: "well, as long as I'm ok with it, then nothing needs to be done." No consideration for punishment, future victims, or past victims of these animals.

In other words, no justice.

Here's Mr. Katch's campaign website. You can see he's a committed man-of-the-far-left:

Allowing anything short of equal rights for our homosexual community is in itself a hate crime and has no place in the state of Minnesota.
A hate crime? What about the hate crime perpetrated on you, Mr. Katch? Those thugs surely didn't like you.

And, of course, we can't give law enforcement the tools they need to suppress violent criminals:

Racial profiling by our law enforcement community is unacceptable in the state of Minnesota and especially in Minneapolis. I will fight to see that this practice is defeated wherever I find it practiced. Our homes and neighborhoods need to be kept safe while our neighbors need to be treated with respect and dignity. We must not fear law enforcement, we pay them to serve our community. They must not discriminate against our neighbors in their endeavor to keep us safe from those who do not respect our laws or values.
I wouldn't wish a mugging on anyone, but if this thrashing doesn't make Mr. Katch understand the plight of victims in Mayor Rybak's Minneapolis, nothing will.

I have trouble generating sympathy for a grown man who displays a child's naivete.