Tuesday, August 29, 2006

96 Arrests

I'm not sure what the magic number is in Amy Klobuchar's Hennepin County, but it might just be 100 arrests before you are punished for being a menace to society in Hennepin County.

The Minneapolis Police SAFE Unit is looking Community Impact input so that the court can intervene "in a meaningful way" with Krissy Ann Stillday, who has been in handcuffs 96 more times than Ms. Klobuchar has been in the prosecutor's chair since becoming HCA:

Request for Community Impact Statement

All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

It is a unlawful to report a crime knowing that it is false.

See Minn. Stat. 609.505.

Krissy Ann Stillday

DOB: 02/20/1979

Arrested for possible drug possession 06/19/2006, 08/16/2006 and 08/22/2006

Since 1993 Stillday has been arrested 96 times. Most arrests are for drug related crimes including loitering, prostitution, paraphernalia.

Ms. Stillday is a drug addicted, chronic offender [Ed. - this means "criminal" in the real world] who needs our help. Please write a Community Impact statement asking the court to intervene in a meaningful way with her.

If you have personally observed Ms. Stillday engaging in conduct that negatively impacts our community, please consider writing a community impact statement describing that conduct and how it has impacted you and the neighborhood as a whole.


If you haven’t observed Ms. Stillday, but are experiencing similar problems with other individuals who are engaging in similar conduct that negatively impacts our community, please feel free to write an impact statement as well. Be sure to note in your statement that you have not personally observed Mr. Rogers engaging in this conduct.

Please email your community impact statements to: Carla Nielson at the Franklin Safety Center (871-8090) - carla.nielson@ci.minneapolis.mn.us or fax them to Carla at (612) 342- 0224.
Why does Ms. Klobuchar wait until a criminal has 96 arrests (unknown amount of convictions) before doing something "meaningful"? Could this be one reason why the city of Minneapolis has had to implement a (toothless) Code of Conduct? It's a safe bet Ms. Stillday has contributed in her own small way to the overall degeneration of Minneapolis.

Yes, Ms. Stillday has problems, and as a child of God should be cared for. But the most caring thing we can do for Ms. Stillday is to commit her to a long-term prison sentence where she will no longer be a menace to herself or to society. After all, Shakopee women's prison isn't exactly "hard time".

What say you, Amy Klobuchar?