Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Price Of Not Pursuing Justice

Minneapolis authorities,"leaders", and the Hennepin County Attorney could learn a lesson from the tragic story of a gang attack on a young British father which left him with stab wounds and was followed by no arrest or prosecution of the criminals. Not only was there not an arrest or prosecution, there was not even an investigation (starting to sound familiar, Minneapolis residents?).

Believe it or not, that attack was the better part of the story. Seven months later, the gang finished the job with a handgun (Aren't handguns outlawed in Britain?).

The story highlights the consequences of no consequences for criminal behavior. The Daily Mail reports: "Police sorry after father shot dead".

A senior Met Police officer has apologised to the family of a young father shot dead after standing up to a gang of youths in the same road where he was stabbed just months earlier.

Peter Woodhams, a 22-year-old father-of-one, was shot moments after a confrontation with the gang outside a parade of shops in Freemasons Road, Canning Town, east London.

Only seven months ago he had been attacked by a group of youths and stabbed in the neck near the same shops, but nobody was brought to justice. A senior Scotland Yard officer apologised for "any hurt" that the previous investigation may have caused.

His fiancee, Jane Bowden, claims she phoned police every day for five weeks following the knife attack, but said officers never even took a statement from her.
This is a stark example of what could happen if violent criminals are not pursued with extreme prejudice and locked up in a timely manner. Swift and certain justice is a fine deterrent to future criminal behavior.

Like Minneapolis, Britain has trouble with young thugs and apparently judges as well:

A 14-year-old boy arrested in connection with the investigation has been released on bail.
Can we please get serious about arresting, incarcerating, and punishing criminals in Amy Klobuchar's Hennepin County and across Minnesota?