Monday, August 21, 2006

They Think We're Idiots

One of my favorite posts from long ago was one in which I showed a side-by-side example of how suspect descriptions were stripped out of a police news release by the MSM. The police obviously wanted the public to know that information, but the local news outlets chose to censor it.

Rambix commenter IndyR has done yeoman's work digging up a story on the Bobby and Steve's shooting from the Duluth News-Tribune (via Pioneer Press) where they actually printed descriptions of the groups that were involved: "Two teens shot outside downtown Minneapolis store".

A group of 20 to 25 people had gathered near Bobby and Steve's Auto World, a gas station and deli near 12th Avenue South and Washington Avenue South when the fight broke out, apparently between groups of Somalis and African-Americans, Reinhardt [Lt. Gregory Reinhardt of the Minneapolis police] said.
And "crap" makes this observation:

How absurd is this? I put the PiPress and Duluth (original PiPress) stories side by side, and the ONLY difference was that the PiPress story was missing the words "apparently between groups of Somalis and African-Americans"!
Does the MSM think we're all idiots; that we can't handle the truth? If Lt. Reinhardt made the comment, you can be sure the Red Star and others had this information and they chose not to include it.

We know from experience that the MSM abhors printing negative stories about their "protected" communities, which include, but are not limited to, blacks, immigrants, homosexuals, and liberals in general.

Let me say this again: They think you're stupid.

A fact is not a fact when it comes to the MSM. The condescending attitude of the MSM is serving to drive more people to alternative media such as blogs.

Conservative bloggers won't talk down to readers or suppress information we think you shouldn't know, so visit early and visit often.