Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Armed Robbery You Didn't Read About In The Red Star

The area of 46th and Nicollet S. and it's environs has seen an inordinate amount of violent crime over the several years. There have been a plethora of robberies, and even a murder at one of the corner gas stations.

I've written about the area before; it's a relatively nice part of the city. There's a Caribou Coffee, a video store, a bagel shop, a karate dojo, and other normal businesses. Yet, in my view, it's a gateway area for thugs and criminals traversing back and forth from the east and west sides of highway 35W, as well as from the Lake Street area to parts farther south in Minneapolis. There is freeway access at 46th St.

So the latest news that you didn't read about in the Red Star is yet another armed robbery of business, as released by the Minneapolis Police SAFE Unit:

On Tuesday August 15, 2006 at about 9:45 am, there was a Robbery Of Business that occurred at 4618 Nicollet Av S., the Papa Johns store.

The Public Information from this incident is; “The suspect entered the business, pointed a gun at the manager, and ordered the manager into a walk-in cooler. 30 seconds later, the suspect opened the cooler and demanded the manager's keys. The manager handed over the keys. The suspect took cash and checks and left the business.”

Suspect is described as 20-29 year old, black male, about 5’11”, short hair, wearing a hooded shirt with dark sunglasses.

I do not have any further information on this incident. It is CCN 06-231243.
This crime and others in that area ought to concern the local urban socialists, as many pass through and do business there in large numbers. Too bad they won't know about it because they don't read Rambix, and they do read the Red Star.