Thursday, August 10, 2006

Public Safety

While Rambix and the Red Star is not a political blog, crime rates, crime prevention, and crime matters are intertwined with the political realm. Aside from that aspect, I'll generally not get involved in heavy politics as one might find on Kennedy vs. The Machine or Minnesota Democrats Exposed, except today I'm going to throw in a plug for a fellow blogger.

Rambix reader and frequent (and astute) commentator Barry Hickethier ("NordEaster") is running for State Representative in Northeast Minneapolis (HD59A).

I don't know Barry other than what I've seen in his commenting, but he strikes me as having a great deal of common-sense. For example, he came up with some excellent solutions to the Minneapolis crime problem, which I posted here. He is proactive on crime and public safety issues, which are subjects near and dear to my heart.

Here's his website, and if you like what you see, then keep him in mind as the elections approach, and remember that we need to "clean house" of folks like those described in the previous post.