Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Robbery At University Of Minnesota During Fringe Festival

Despite what you might think about the "Fringe" Festival currently going on around the Twin Cities, robbery is serious business. Hat tip to, well, "Anonymous" for pointing out this blog entry following a robbery by Somali gangsters at the University of Minnesota's West Bank: "From Hopkins to Huskies and Other Such Inconceivable Events".

then my night took a turn for the worse. i was about 10 feet from my car when i was mugged by two Somali men who stole my purse, digital camera, driver's liscence, bank card, college id, cell phone, fringe pass, wallet, blog notes, and everything else that was in the purse. thank G-d i was holding onto my car keys! i spent forever filing a report and when i got home, someone called my mom's cell from mine. assholes! people suck! i am so sorry, but i am not at all in the mood to review the two shows i saw, right now. also, my notes were stolen, so they will not be completely thorough and accurate reviews.

AND, on top of that, i missed the burlesque ball which i was looking forward to, highly.

i am disappointed that the fringe had to be in downtown instead of uptown b/c if it is not safe for fringers, they won't want to go! i am not having fun with fringe this year like i usually do...
The victim is Rachel Sachs, 2006 graduate of Hopkins High School (suburb of Minneapolis for you non-locals).

Ms. Sachs doesn't say whether or not the criminals were armed.

The comments to her blog posting are interesting, ranging from those who indicated more concern over her reportedly rude treatment by a Fringe staff member, to a commenter who asked why she thought it important to point out the thugs were Somali (Is that commenter a staff member of the Red Star, by chance?).

I'm sure Ms. Sachs would appreciate some comments by Rambix readers.