Friday, August 04, 2006

Edina Robbers Charged

On July 25th I wrote about the Edina armed robbery which happened close to the upscale 50th & France section of town, sited just on the border of Minneapolis. I predicted the three thugs, excuse me, scumbags, would be from Minneapolis.

Well, I was right on one of them. It turns out the other two were from Eagan and Richfield, as you'll see further below.

I always like getting first-hand information about these events; information the MSM doesn't provide. Here's some background taken from a previous comment from "Edina Homeowner":

There is more to the story. You may wonder why KSTP shows a picture of 44th and Grimes (about 6 houses from our front door). Apparently there was also a robbery at 9:30 PM the day BEFORE the other robbery. A woman had her purse stolen at gunpoint! See URL for the Sun Current.

Note! This earlier robbery is in the evening just after sundown and not like the 'after mid-night' robbery on the 25th. That is 'pretty brazen' activity. We walk at night in this Edina neighborhood. In fact, I might have been riding my bike past that intersection after going around Lake Harriet that night.

The police speculate it was probably the same 4 people that were arrested for the 7/25 robbery. I have not learned if that suspicion has been confirmed. Or, do we have 2 gang incidents in Edina.

Rambix, I've been following your blog since the Uptown shooting. Please keep up the good work.

I am dismayed at the lack of serious response by Minneapolis city officials to the Under-Reported crime wave. And, now it appears to be spilling over into our neighborhood.

Clearly, these criminals do not pay attention to city boundries. We all have to work to solve this problem. I called Edina city hall tonight to find out about Neighbor Watch Groups and any other actions that would be useful. Regards.
Edina Homeowner Homepage 07.27.06 - 8:38 pm
Thanks for the nice words, E.H., but thanks even more for the first-hand account of a disturbing trend.

It's not that it's unusual for robberies to be committed in the Twin Cities area, or any large metropolitan area. What is unusual or troubling is when the activity spills over into previously safe areas, as E.H describes. I suspect if you interviewed ten random people and asked how safe they felt in the 50th & France area in the past, all ten would give it the highest marks.

This is why even suburbanites can't ignore the mess that Minneapolis Mayor Rybak has let fester across the border.

The Edina Sun newspaper reports further details and describes the charges filed against the criminal suspects: "Three charged in Edina street robbery".

A $40 robbery could mean lengthy prison sentences for three teenagers accused of robbing two women at gunpoint near their Edina apartment building.

The men face robbery and kidnapping charges filed last week in connection with a July 25 incident that began in the 3900 block of West 49th Street and ended at a supermarket two blocks away.

Each man is charged with two counts of kidnapping and two counts of aggravated first-degree robbery. If convicted of both charges, each suspect could face a maximum 40-year prison sentence.

Ezequel Guiterrez, 19, of Eagan; Tacorrious Alonzo Cooper, 19, of Minneapolis; and Corey Cornell Gosha, 18, of Richfield remained in custody last week with appearances in Hennepin County District Court pending.
Each criminal could face 40 years - what are the odds they'll get those kinds of sentences in Amy Klobuchar's Hennepin County?

TV News showed the criminal's mugshots, but I don't see them online. If anyone has a link to the mugshots, please let me know and I'll post it (For some reason, Hennepin County website/jail roster still refuses to provide the mugshots).