Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Minneapolis Quagmire: Two More Murders Overnight

Despite Mayor Rybak's Safe Zone initiative, a contingent of State Patrol troopers providing backup for the MPD, the Guardian Angels, and the gun-buyback program, violence in Minneapolis has not abated.

I'm not so sure that gangs, gunmen, and other assorted violent criminals aren't in complete control of certain parts of the city. And only God can help you if you are a good person living on the North Side.

WCCO News reports the stunning news of two separate incidents of murder last night: "2 Killed In North Minneapolis Overnight".

(WCCO) Minneapolis Two people were killed in separate shootings in North Minneapolis overnight.

The first happened just after midnight Tuesday in the 1400 block of Irving Avenue North. Police responded to a call of a person down and found the victim lying in the street.

Police said that victim appeared to be a teenager.

Police combed the neighborhood for suspects and witnesses, but are still not sure where that shooting took place.

The second shooing took place around 3:30 a.m. in the 900 block of West Broadway, where a man was found dead behind a dumpster at McDonald's.

Investigators have not determined if the two shootings are related.

Minneapolis has now recorded 38 homicides this year, which is six ahead of the same time last year.

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Again a little confusion with the murder count. I've been tracking the murders as they occur, and I have 35 total this year for Minneapolis. Kennedy vs. The Machine also has 35. This report says 38. The police crime stats page appears to be behind a month or so.

Did we miss one?

In any event, the point is, once again, we're on our own in the city of Minneapolis. The liberal power structure doesn't know how to end the bloodshed, and is afraid to, or won't, use the get-tough, politically incorrect methods necessary to crush the criminal element in the city.

Therefore, the Quagmire deepens.