Wednesday, July 19, 2006

University Of Minnesota "Dinkytown" Shooting

You didn't read about this in the Red Star, or see it on local news websites.

The University of Minnesota's Minnesota Daily newspaper has taken the lead on this disturbing story:

July 19, 2006

Man shot in Dinkytown

By Sara Schweid

Daily Minneapolis man was shot in the shoulder about 2:40 a.m. Sunday near the intersection of Fifth Street Southeast and 12th Avenue Southeast, according to police reports.

The victim, whose injuries were significant but not life-threatening, was taken to a hospital by a friend, said Lt. Greg Reinhardt of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Reinhardt said there was a party in the area that both the victim and suspect had attended.

He said the victim and the shooter had an argument and were going to fight, but the suspect shot the victim and fled the scene.

No arrests have been made, and the case is under investigation, Reinhardt said.
This story follows a previous posting about an assault on a University student here, as well as past postings of a significant number of violent incidents on or near campus. This tells us one thing: the University's main campus, located in Minneapolis, is not immune to Minneapolis violence.

In addition to the above stories, Fox 9 News at 9:00 reported a vicious assault at a Delta Tau Delta fraternity party which resulted in the victim being taken the hospital ICU with potentially life-threatening head injuries. I don't see this report yet anywhere in the print media. The 3 alleged criminals were reported to have been from Brooklyn Park, and were not students.