Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Univ. of Minnesota "Dinkytown" Robbery

Welcome to the University of Minnesota, now gimme your money!

There may still be a few cynics out there who have dismissed the 400+ previous Rambix actual-crime posts as being overblown, inflated hyperbole. Will this post convince you crime in Minneapolis is out of control?

Many of you may already know that Dinkytown is the small, several block square village on the edge of the University of Minnesota's East Bank campus in Minneapolis. The area is populated by students, professors, athletes, and the general university society.

It has typically been a safe area, especially at the early hour of 10:30 pm on a Tuesday night.

The appearance of safety may be illusory, as KSTP Eyewitness News reports an armed robbery by four teenage thugs, and no victim could look more innocent than Mr. Arnfelt: "'U' student robbed at gunpoint in Dinkytown".

A student at the University of Minnesota was robbed at gunpoint by a group of teenagers in the Dinkytown neighborhood.

Police say the robbery occurred at approximately 10:30 p.m. Tuesday evening, and was followed by another an hour later.

University senior Charlie Arnfelt said he was surprised when the four teenagers robbed him.

"It still just boggles my mind," says Arnfelt. "I put my hands up and said, ‘Take everything.’"

Arnfelt says the youths took credit cards, an expensive watch and $50 in cash.

“One of them is pointing the gun and the others are just grabbing at me, taking everything out of my pockets and I'm handing them as much stuff as I can at the same time,” he says.
There are inexplicably no suspect descriptions (If anyone reading this blog has contact with the victim and he would be willing to provide suspect descriptions or other background information to Rambix and the Red Star, please email me at:

These sewer rats also robbed another person, but one of them was caught. Let's hope the police round up the remaining scumbags forthwith.

Crime is definitely out of control near the Univ. of Minnesota, but this tracks with the Minneapolis experience as a whole.

Police say crime in the precinct including Dinkytown is up significantly over last year. Robbery is up 84 percent and assault is up 41 percent in the Second Precinct.
Those are sobering and unacceptable numbers.

What will it take?