Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Minneapolis Uprising

"Minneapolis had another busy 24 hours - with yet another killing, a stabbing, and an unexplained chase overnight."

Welcome to Mayor Rybak's fine city. Strap on your Kevlar, leave your valuables at home.

I've posted on the shooting/murder #32 in the previous entry, but KARE 11 News has provided a summary of the recent mayhem: "Minneapolis cops see another tough day".

Minneapolis had another busy 24 hours - with yet another killing, a stabbing, and an unexplained chase overnight.

One woman remains hospitalized following a stabbing just after 11:30 p.m. Tuesday. The incident happened just after near the intersection of Portland avenue and east 15th street.

Authorities arrived to find a woman with stab wounds to the stomach. There is no word on her condition. Police say they are still searching for suspects.
Meanwhile, more killers are on the loose:

Minneapolis Police are also looking for two men involved in a deadly shooting on the city's south side early in the day Tuesday.
The article says the murder is the 31st of the year for Minneapolis, but I believe it's actually the 32nd (with this murder being the 31st)..

And finally:

Overnight a police chase ended with a crash between a motorcycle and car collided at 25th and Fremont Avenue north.

The crash sparked a fire. The motorcyclist and a passenger in the car were taken to the hospital. No word on their conditions.

Authorities have released few details about the chase - it is unclear who the police were chasing prior to the crash.
The Minneapolis Quagmire continues.

[Photo courtesy KARE 11 News]

P.S. I'd like to see our friends at Power Line weigh in on the continuing escalation of violence in Minneapolis and the inability of the liberal power structure to do anything about it. Their analysis of the situation would carry a lot of weight and reach. How about it guys?