Thursday, June 29, 2006

State Troopers To Combat Crime In Minneapolis

Minneapolis will receive help from the Minnesota State Patrol in combatting crime. Check that; only the North Side will get the help. The rest of you are on your own.

I'm actually in agreement with neighborhood activist Jerry McAfee: Bringing Troopers in is a short term, band-aid solution. He also recognizes that a long-term plan has yet to be seen.

Now I might disagree with Mr. McAfee on what a long term plan might encompass, but since no plan has been proposed, we don't know at this point. Suppressing criminals is fine for the short run, but if you don't take them out of circulation for a long time or permanently, then there will be no peace.

Here's the KARE 11 article: "Troopers heading back to Minneapolis streets".

Minneapolis police will soon get help cracking down on crime on the city's north side. For the first time in three years the state patrol will be used to help keep an eye on urban streets.

It's a solution not everyone thinks will be the best way to help the community.

News of more officers on the streets of north Minneapolis isn't being greeted with cheers and smiles, "I don't care how many police you get you cannot police this area 24-7," complained the Reverend Jerry McAfee.
He's right, of course. But here's where we part company:

McAfee says the state needs to invest in the north side with better public services and schools.
The state already throws enormous amounts of money at the North Side (that is a story for another day), so I ask: How much is enough?

Throwing money at the community will not make hardened gangsters go straight. The criminal element needs to be taken off the streets and put into prison or be expelled from the area in one way or another.

There will be status quo until we get serious about cracking down on those who would destroy Minneapolis. The Troopers are a good, but temporary, start.