Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hurry Up And Wait On Minneapolis 911

Given the current state of affairs in Minneapolis, it's becoming ever more clear that we are truly on our own. Not that there is anything wrong with the police, but they are in fact reactive to events. And based on the experience of one self-defense guru, Joel Rosenberg, you might want to consider your alternatives sooner rather than later:

How bad things have become, Part Whatever

Rambix, as I may have mentioned, has been covering the Minneapolis Quagmire better than anybody else (Ed. - Aw shucks...) -- which would shame the Star Tribune, if they had any shame; shouldn't the crime wave in Minneapolis be something they ought to be covering in breadth and depth?

Here's how bad things are: I called 911 yesterday, and it took the operator more than a minute to answer the phone.

A lot can happen in a minute. A lot more can happen in the double-digit minutes that the MPD averages in responding to high priority calls. (Lower priority calls take longer, and sometimes don't get answered.)

(Thanks for the concern, but it wasn't a personal safety crisis. I was taking my older daughter out to a promised Dad-and-kid dinner, and the car in front of us was driving so erratically that he had to be some combination of drunk and/or very stupid. I didn't think that the MPD was likely to respond, but if they happened to have a cruiser nearby needing a break from the catch-and-release stuff on Lake Street . . . )
In other words, folks, figure out how you are going to defend yourself and your family. You can call Joel himself, and he'll get you started. He literally wrote the book.

By the way, does anyone else have some less-than-stellar Minneapolis 911 experiences? Is this an ongoing issue? I expect 911 responses will vary depending on numerous factors, but on the other hand they do have strict standards.

(No, this is not a paid ad. Rambix receives the same royalties from Joel that he does for this blog = $0)