Saturday, July 01, 2006

South Minneapolis Shooting, Two In Custody

The Fox 9 News website is the weakest of the four local broadcast stations, yet they appear to have scooped the other three, as well as the Red Star, on a shooting/standoff in South Minneapolis (I reported on this crime in my previous post based on information from the Minneapolis Police).

Although the incident happened yesterday, the story is still poorly developed in this news account: "SWAT team sent in to end stand-off".

MINNEAPOLIS-- It's one of the bigger stand-offs the city has ever seen. It all started after a shooting on 5th Avenue South just after 10:00 this morning.

A man was shot several times. A short time later, police believed the suspect barricaded himself on a house on 1st Avenue near 39th Street West. Negotiatiors tried to talk him out of the building. With no success, the SWAT team was sent in.
Two men were arrested and are being questioned.

Rambix reader and commenter Silence Dogood tells us there was a shooting on the North Side and a fatal stabbing overnight Friday/Saturday. I see no news accounts of this yet. I'll post as information becomes available.