Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Minneapolis Murder #32

Before I give you the official news source on Minneapolis murder #32, I'll post a comment made by Rambix reader "anonymous" from the front lines:

Murder #32(?) took place this morning 3 blocks from my house.

I was getting ready to take the kids to the park when I heard 6 loud popping sounds. My husband dismissed it as fire crackers, but I thought it sounded more ominous.

When we were walking to the park, we saw 2 police cars with their sirens and lights on, speeding west on 35th.

We had a nice, peaceful hour at the park, but when we were walking back, we noticed all sorts of activity down on 35th and Chicago: intersection taped off, ambulance, news vans and cameras.

I found out later from a neighbor that a young man who has lived in the neighborhood his entire life & is a gang member was walking to the corner store on 35th and Chicago,where his rivals were lying in wait for him and shot him. He had made it back to his childhood home, where he apparently died.

It is very disquieting that this happened at all, let alone before noon on a holiday where people like to be out and about, enjoying their day off, etc. Not to mention the 4th of July Celebration/fireworks at Powderhorn Park this evening. We don't want to let this stop us from attending, but we are more concerned about our safety than we have ever been in the past.
Anonymous 07.04.06 - 4:09 pm

Minneapolis violent criminals know no time, no day, no holiday. They'll take their victims anytime and anyplace as evidenced by this broad-daylight 4th of July slaying.

[Hat tip Anon, Chunkstyle]

Here's the KSTP Eyewitness News report: "Man shot dead on S. Minneapolis street".

A man was shot and killed near a store at 35th St. and Chicago Ave. on the city's south side on this holiday morning, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has confirmed. Emergency crews are on the scene.

The victim apparently stumbled into Toni's Market at 3500 Chicago Ave. S. after being shot.

The shooting happened around 10:15 a.m. Police are looking for a suspect. This does not appear to be a random killing, police reported.

The victim is the 32nd person killed in Minneapolis this year.
More details can be found at KARE 11 News:

Police believe that two men approached the victim as he crossed 35th Street. There was an argument and one of the men fired several shots. Although mortally wounded, the victim was able to make it into Toni's where he asked store clerks to call police before he collapsed and died. The suspects fled on foot, leading to a neighborhood manhunt.

"I need you to come outside," called the amplified voice of a Police Sergeant standing behind his squad car. "This is the Minneapolis Police Department. I need you to come outside with your hands up."

Witnesses guided police to a house on nearby Elliot Avenue where a man was taken into custody for questioning and the house was searched with dogs. The scene has become all too familiar to residents of the area.

Javier Garcia watched the police action and hugged his two children. "Same yellow tape like the last time. They had this whole block blocked off so I'm just kind of worried about what's going on now. I mean I got my kids and it's kind of unsafe for them just to be running around outside. That's the thing that concerns me most."
Which leader is prepared to advocate cracking down in a Draconian fashion on the criminals who are intent on taking Minneapolis down the sewer with them?