Thursday, July 20, 2006

Censored Beyond All Recognition

Derek Ickler, a.k.a. McGruv, a.k.a. the first Rambix reader to have a gangster-style execution in his own backyard, has been a tour de force for the fed-up-with-crime crowd in Minneapolis. He's got the "street cred" to do it, and has been hammering Rybak & Co. with his calls for action and accountability.

Today he had a letter to the editor printed by the Red Star. Sort of.

His hard-hitting truth-telling letter was edited and sanitized beyond all recognition by the totalitarians of the Red Star. Fortunately for Rambix and Anti-Strib readers, Derek has provided us with the original!

Here's the original letter Derek (McGruv) submitted for print in the Red Star:
Crime is still out of control in this city and while Rybak and Co. complain that the state cut LGA, I was shocked to read that Minneapolis is planning on using ~300K of county and city tax money on a green roof for city hall???? Shouldn't we use that money for more police? I don't get it. They all claim to "share my concern" for the crime problem in Minneapolis and then make decisions like this.

Our city leadership obviously thinks crime is trivial and that "green" and "progressive" schemes are more important. So to the Mayor and City Council I say, thanks for putting the wants of the elite lakeside enviro-liberals over the needs of ordinary working class people just trying to make a decent living in your city. I can't wait to vote you out of office.

Derek J. Ickler
North Minneapolis
And here's what made it past the censors:

Fund cops, not roofs

I was shocked to read that Minneapolis wants to spend around $300,000 for a "green roof" while crime is still out of control in this city ("City Hall to plant rooftop garden amid downtown's concrete canyon," July 18). Shouldn't we use that money for more police?

Please send a note of displeasure to the censorship committee at the Red Star. Why are they afraid of the truth?