Monday, July 24, 2006

Murder Victim No Choir Boy

Frequent Rambix tipster and commenter Andrew Rothman has posted a nice background piece on the improbably-named victim of Minneapolis' 35th murder, Pestelence V.D. El-Shabazz. I reported this murder in my previous post, which apparently doubled the Twin Cities area coverage of the crime (The Red Star was the only other source I was able to find).

Following is a sample from Andrew's post [Note: the source of the criminal history is not included in the post, so I can't guarantee its accuracy]. This information represents the tail end of Pestelence V.D. El-Shabazz' criminal history; see Andrew's post for the whole sordid affair:

09/15/2000 Felony Burglary-1st Deg-Burglary of Occupied Dwelling (sentenced 28 Months)

09/15/2000 Felony Burglary (sentenced 75 Months)

09/15/2000 Felony Theft (sentenced 24 Months)

09/15/2000 Felony Theft (sentenced 19 Months)

09/15/2000 Felony Felon Convicted Crime of Violence-Possess Firearm (sentenced 60 Months)

09/15/2000 Felony Burglary (sentenced 75 Months)
Apparently he spent the last 6 years or so in prison, thus the end of record at year 2000.

Thanks for the insight, Andrew.