Monday, August 21, 2006

Quagmire Update: Two Shot This Morning In Minneapolis

It appears that more violence has broken out in a busy and well-traveled area of Minneapolis not more than a few hours ago.

The Red Star reports (very timely, I might add) a double shooting that happened so late Sunday night, it almost caught early Monday work traffic. The crime occurred near the Bobby and Steve's Auto World store on Washington Avenue near the University of Minnesota, which, unfortunately, has become the site of some trouble in the past year or two.

The Red Star reports: "Double shooting in Minneapolis".

Star Tribune

Last update: August 21, 2006 – 5:40 AM

Shots fired into a crowd early this morning along Washinton Avenue in downtown Minneapolis left two people with minor injuries and police searching for a gunman.

The shooting occurred about 4 a.m. near Bobby and Steve's, a popular service station and convenience store near the intersection of 11th Street and Washington, according to media reports.
Nothing would lead me to believe that Bobby and Steve's is other than a fine operation. I've been told in the past, however, and have seen with my own eyes to some extent, that because of it's central location the store can attract large and sometimes unruly crowds that hang out there after bar time, or late at night in general.

I'm sure some of you can confirm or deny that.

The article does give some insight into the size of the crowd at the time of the shootings:

About 20 people had gathered near the station when the shooting began.
There are a lot of armed thugs running loose in Minneapolis, folks, and it doesn't take much to set them off. Had this incident happened an hour later, there may have been a number of working people visiting the store, minding their own business.

Most people are getting sleep at the time this incident occurred, getting ready for the work week. Why do we have a class of armed thugs out in the middle of the night shooting each other when they should be thinking about their upcoming work day?