Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Details On Hot Burglary In South Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Police issued a Crime Alert last week following a "Hot" burglary in South Minneapolis, which I posted about here.

Here was the extent of the police released information:

Burglars enter Northrop parkway home August 14, 2006


Police responded to a report of a burglary on Minnehaha Parkway East in Northrop neighborhood that took place between 3 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning, Aug. 13. Unidentified suspects entered the house while the victim was asleep and took numerous items. The victim was not injured. An investigation is underway. There is little available suspect information.
The original release makes it sound as if the intruder came and went while the victim soundly slept. Now Rambix reader Brandon R. has provided more detail, which (in my view) significantly elevates the egregious nature of the crime:

Maybe this made the news and I missed it…this is news to me.

South Minneapolis:

A house was robbed on East Minnehaha Parkway (Between 11th Ave & 12th Ave) last week. Someone entered the home by cutting through a screen and somehow gaining access. A woman was at home and she was tied up with panty hose and put in a bathroom. After the intruder(s)(?) left, she was able to get free, the intruder(s) had cut her phone line and she didn’t have a cell phone. Her neighbors on both sides were on vacation – so she walked to a gas station about ½ mile away to contact someone for help. These details were passed along to me by family that lives a block away – I grew up in this neighborhood. I remember at least one attempted burglary when I was growing up but nothing quite like this. Do you have any info on this? This is/was a great neighborhood! Thanks for shining light on these issues.
A thug (or thugs) breaking into a home and tying up the resident should be very disturbing for residents of the area. Brandon is right; it's a very nice neighborhood of Minneapolis. It's not a stretch to imagine what the next level might be if the victim struggles, or if the criminal feels more emboldened next time.

[Note: I have no reason to believe these two described incidents not the same crime, although I can't confirm it with absolute certainty.]

The authorities appear to have scrubbed the more relevant information, and they should be asked why. This is a clear and present public safety issue.

Do you ever get the feeling we're only getting half the crime story in Minneapolis?