Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Downtown Sunkeria Brown

I debated with myself whether or not to lay this one at the feet of Amy Klobuchar.

For about five seconds.

Why is this woman driving/out of jail/still have her kids/on probation?

KSTP News reports: "Mother gets 5th DWI, with kids in car".

A Minneapolis mother has been charged with child endangerment and her 5th DWI, all while on probation after getting four earlier DWIs.

Police pulled over Sunkeria Marie Brown, 28, last Saturday after noticing she was driving erratically at 26th Ave. and Quincy St. in Minneapolis.

Officers say she had her 10- and five-year-old sons with her in the car dressed only in their underwear. Police say when they tested her, Brown's blood alcohol level was nearly four times the legal limit [Ed - that would be a .32 for the mathematically challenged reporter].

The children were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the arrest. Brown fell asleep in the back of the squad car while officers were checking on her children, according to the complaint.
A lesson for HCA Amy Klobuchar from Lt. Greg Reinhardt of the Minneapolis Police:

"She didn't have a license, but that doesn't stop many people from driving,"...
That's true ... if they're not in jail.

Is anyone besides me tired of seeing everyone on probation? Probation! How's that working out for Sunkeria (and society)?


Send them to jail. I'm happy to pay for more jail and prison space. And II'm not concerned if they're "angrier" when they come out. As a father, I'm angry now.

Swift and sure adjudication and punishment for the guilty is the answer. If you want to treat them at the same time, fine. But let's end this plague of probation as a knee-jerk judicial response to criminal convictions in Hennepin County.

Goodnight, Sunkeria.