Wednesday, August 30, 2006

44 Arrests

The Minneapolis Police are looking for more Community Impact input on another societal misfit:
Request for Community Impact Statement

NOTICE: All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It is a unlawful to report a crime knowing that it is false. See Minn. Stat. 609.505.

Shawnie Eudora Louis

DOB: 03/02/1972

Ms. Louis was arrested for prostitution related offenses on 07/17, 07/28 and 8/26/2006. All occurred in Midtown and East Phillps.

Arrested for narcotics possession on 07/17/2006 and 07/19/2006 in the same area.

Ms. Louis has been arrested 44 times since June of 1991. Her offenses include prostitution offenses (12) and narcotics.

If you have personally observed Ms. Louis engaging in conduct that negatively impacts our community, please consider writing a community impact statement describing that conduct and how it has impacted you and the neighborhood as a whole.


If you haven’t observed Ms. Louis, but are experiencing similar problems with other individuals who are engaging in similar conduct that negatively impacts our community, please feel free to write an impact statement as well. Be sure to note in your statement that you have not personally observed Ms. Louis engaging in this conduct.

Please email your community impact statements to: Carla Nielson at the Franklin Safety Center (871-8090) - or fax them to Carla at (612) 342- 0224.
So who's going to jail in Ms. Klobuchar's Minneapolis? Certainly not Ms. Louis, #44, or Ms. Brown, #99.

Like Ms. Brown, Ms. Louis would benefit from a long-term stay in prison.

And I'll be happy to pay for more prison and jail space, which is the same as being happy to pay for a better Minnesota.