Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Minneapolis: Violent Crime In The city Is Increasing At An "Alarming And Unacceptable" Rate

In 739 posts on Rambix and the Red Star since April 26th, 2005, I've attempted to convey the urgency of the increasingly out-of-control crime picture in Minneapolis.

It may finally be working.

Someone is taking notice; KARE 11 News reports: "Minneapolis crime rising at "alarming" rate"

Minneapolis Police officials say violent crime in the city is increasing at an "alarming and unacceptable" rate.

"It's troubling," said Lt. Greg Reinhardt. But, he added, "It's not all that unusual when you compare it to other major cities. Many cities that had significant decreases in crime over the last few years are now seeing spikes in violent crime."

Compared to last year at this time, violent crime has risen 27% in Minneapolis.
That includes:

A 13% increase in the number of homicides,

A 22% increase in rapes,

A 30% increase in robbery and

A 26% increase in aggravated assaults.

The news about property crimes isn't much better.

Burglary is up 11%,

Larceny is up 8%,

Auto theft is up 6% and

Arson is up 12%.
Welcome to Minneapolis!

The dramatic rise in crime is most startling in Northeast Minneapolis. In what police call the 2nd precinct, robberies are up 62% compared to last year, rapes have increased 61%, and aggravated assaults are up 62%.

Despite these statistics, Reinhardt said Minneapolis is still safe, compared to other cities of similar size.

"Minneapolis is still a very safe city," he said. "And we encourage people to come downtown. We encourage people to shop in the city and visit the city. But we are concerned about particular trends in violent crimes."
Okaaay. If you provide the Kevlar and several cases of .40 cal rounds, I'll be there!

Now, compare and contrast these two comments from police brass:

Lt. Greg Reinhardt: "Despite these statistics, Reinhardt said Minneapolis is still safe, compared to other cities of similar size."

Lt. Lee Edwards: "I'm from Detroit and I haven't seen crap like this since I left Detroit in 1976,"
We report, you decide. Does the current state of affairs constitute a crime emergency? After all, now children are shooting children for their jerseys.

And don't forget, Northeast is the home of our friend NordEaster. Keep your powder dry, my friend.

Below is a message to the mayor. Are business leaders applying pressure to the mayor's office to clean up the city? If not, they should be:

[Top photo courtesy KARE 11 News]