Monday, September 04, 2006

Reader Input

I've been pretty clear in the past that Rambix and the Red Star is not a political blog per se, but, as you can imagine, there is some unavoidable crossover with crime issues. In the interest of addressing such public safety issues, I would appreciate reader input into the following:

Say your political candidate of choice wasn't in the process of fending off muggers in Minneapolis, and you had the opportunity to ask him or her some questions; what would you ask? More specifically: "If you were writing a candidate questionaire or moderating a debate, what question(s) would you want to ask prospective candidates?"

The venue would be an online townhall meeting directed at State Legislative and Senatorial level candidates.


Would you support raising taxes to increase law enforcement coverage?
Do you support Minnesota's current "carry" legislation?
Besides increasing funding, in what ways would you improve public safety in Minnesota?
What do you see as the number one cause for increasing crime rates?

I appreciate your help if you can. I'm sorry, I can't tell you the time and place these may be used (I don't even know myself at this time), but suffice it to say the subject matter is important. Please post the question in comments or email me at: