Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bloody Weekend In Minneapolis

Despite the Guardian Angels, despite the presence of State Patrol Troopers, despite Mayor Rybak's assurances, and despite Amy Klobuchar's newfound tough-on-crime posture, Minneapolis remains a violent, bloody Quagmire.

The holiday weekend in Minneapolis has brought us liberal politicians getting mugged and beaten in broad daylight, political campaigners dodging bullets, and a murder on 5th St. N. and Royalston Ave.

As if that weren't enough, now comes a report of yet another Northside murder on the 3800 block of Lyndale Ave. N.

KSTP News reports: "Saturday night homicide".

Police are investigating a homicide that occurred last night in North Minneapolis. Officers responded to the thirty-eight hundred block of Lyndale Avenue North shortly before ten o'clock Saturday night. One juvenile male was found shot to death near the side walk. Police believe robbery was the motive. The victims name has not yet been released.

Minneapolis police are currently looking for suspects.

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Although he's made some band-aid moves to quell the Minneapolis insurgency, it's clear that Mayor Rybak ultimately has no control of his city. And no one can dispute that since liberals for a long time have owned the city, lock, stock, and barrel, they are responsible for it's pending demise. Despite the obvious lack of leadership, the citizens keep electing them to office.

The salient questions are: Why hasn't Mayor Rybak stepped down from office in failure? And why do Minneapolis residents keep electing the liberal politicians who are responsible for letting their once-fine city slide into the Quagmire?

[Photo courtesy Kare 11 News]