Monday, September 11, 2006

More On The University Of Minnesota Assault

Two days ago, I wrote this:

Fox 9 News at 9:00 has reported the vicious mob beating of two University students in "Dinkytown", near the University of Minnesota campus. I don't yet find a link for this story, even on the Fox 9 website.

More as the story develops.
No one to my knowledge, except Fox 9 News, seems to have covered this story until, well, this blog, and now the University of Minnesota's campus paper, The Minnesota Daily. The Daily has a very brief story, with much less detail than was on Fox 9 News: "University student in hospital after assault".

A University student is in the hospital after a Saturday morning fight .
About 2:15 a.m., a University student was assaulted with a weapon near campus, said University Police Chief Greg Hestness. The student suffered injuries to the head and possibly to the hand, he said.

Hestness said he was unsure what kind of weapon was used, but said that because a weapon was used, a suspect would face felony charges.
Fox 9 News had reported the weapon was some type of club, possibly a 2X4. If you saw the video of the victim, it wouldn't be a stretch to believe a large weapon was used.

So why isn't anyone else on this story? The potential felons are on the loose. Descriptions? Anything?