Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Cancer Is Spreading

We've seen more and more stories coming from the MSM about gang activity in the suburbs - it's not just an urban thing anymore. While no suburb has been immune to crime, gangs have heretofore been mostly confined to urban areas.

That may be changing, as KSTP News has yet more evidence of the spreading cancer of gangs in the Twin Cities metro area: "Gang graffiti on homes in Richfield".

Richfield High School became a target for local gang members Saturday evening. Graffiti covered high school's walls, as well as a back fence and garage door of a house nearby. The taggers are part of a notorious city gang, now moving to suburbs, police said.

"Being a father of 2 small children, it's a big concern for myself", a neighbor said.

The scene at West Pleasant Avenue and West 72nd Street did not look so pleasant after the "artists" were done. Sureno 13 gang is responsible for last night's incident, police said.

[Idiots] 13 is a gang that originated in Los Angeles and has been operating near East Lake Street in Minneapolis. Investigators said that earlier this year the gang started moving to Richfield.

"Apparently it's gonna spill over into our nice neighborhood here in Richfield, said Jed Popiel, who lives near the scene.
Another gift from the Golden State. [Note: I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of seeing their name in print, even if they can read]. And note the comment regarding gangs "spilling over" from Minneapolis. That's exactly what I've predicted and feared would start to happen.

If Mayor Rybak and company can't control the thugs of Minneapolis, everyone will suffer. In other words, Minneapolis problems are everyone's problem, and, by extension, weak-mayor Rybak is also everyone's problem.