Thursday, October 26, 2006

Passing The Baton


[don't forget the "1" after rambix; yes, someone else already had just "rambix" as their gmail address! A pox upon his or her house.]

Rambix has retired, but Minneapolis violent crime continues unabated.

Fortunately, the crime alert baton has been picked up by smart and insightful blogger Margaret Martin, who is also co-host of the local radio show, "The Taxpayers League", on AM 1280 The Patriot. There's no question that Margaret will take crime reporting and holding public official's feet to the fire to new levels. Visit the Minneapolis Crime Watch early and often.

Rambix tipsters: please send your crime tips Margaret's way. She'll be discreet if that's what you need.

Another local Minneapolis-based "activist" is John Schulte of the Northeast Citizen Patrol (NECP). You can subscribe to his email newsletter by sending an email to with Subscribe to Crime Alerts in the subject line.

That is all.