Monday, September 11, 2006


"It’s time to set the record straight, Amy Klobuchar hasn’t helped the crime problem in her district at all".

To what extent is Hennepin County Attorney and U.S. Senate wannabe Amy Klobuchar culpable or responsible for the rising tide of violence in Minneapolis and Hennepin County?

Martin Andrade has a very nicely done detailed analysis: "Amy Klobuchar and Crime".

I set out this week to figure out if there are any conclusions that can be drawn between Klobuchar’s work at the DA’s office and the violent crime rates in Hennepin County and Minneapolis.
Read on, and see if you come to the same conclusion.

I tend to agree with Martin: It's tough to draw a direct correlation between the incompetence of Mayor Rybak and Klobuchar's failure to aggressively prosecute criminal scum, but both have failed in their duty to perform the most important governmental function of all: protecting the public.

Thanks for your thoughtful analysis, Martin.